Khalid Khan

Khalid initially worked as a forensic scientist where he developed investigative skills in scientific analysis. He always had an interest in the optimum functioning of the human body and found great reward in approaching his own health concerns through nutritional therapy. As a result he decided to build upon his knowledge and skills by re-training as a Nutritional Therapist.

Khalid has a vast experience of the nutrition field. He has worked as nutritional advisor for the Metropolitan Police on a successful health campaign and in Harley Street. He is also a successful Nutritional Therapist in his thriving private practice.

Khalid is passionate about teaching and standards in the nutrition field. He was a Program Leader for Year 2 of a BSc degree program and a Lecturer and Clinical Assessor on an MSc Nutritional Therapy degree program.

Khalid adheres to a strong focus of treating his clients as unique beings and seeks to uncover the underlying factors related to nutrition that impinge upon their health. He has a passion for imparting knowledge and aims to inspire his students through a practical approach to teaching.