What has reflexology ever done for us?

As a leading provider of reflexology courses in London we’re well aware of what reflexology can do for you. In this piece we’ll quickly go over it. The benefits of reflexology Reflexology is an ancient technique that goes back potentially as far as the Egyptians and Chinese empires of old. The therapy looks to treat […]

Provider of reflexology courses in London discusses how to get rid of a cold

We’ve all had a cold before, we all know it can leave us feeling groggy, unwell, tired and fed up. As a leading provider of reflexology courses in London we often look at ways in which complementary therapy can help cure or improve health. In order for us to delve a bit deeper into fighting […]

A reflexology course in London that will look after you

As busy providers of reflexology courses in London we take the well-being of our students seriously. Apart from providing an outstanding education, we also believe it is our duty to support our students during their studies and once they qualify. It is our aim to help as many people as possible achieve their goal and […]

Don’t underestimate it’s ‘power’ says former student of our reflexology course in London

As a leading provider of reflexology courses in London we strongly believe in the ‘power’ of it and naturally many of our students do as well. Joanne Glass, a former student is now working in a hospital environment and converting sceptical nurses to the benefits of reflexology treatment. She said “I have achieved more self […]

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