Deep Tissue Vs Soft Tissue Massage: What’s the Difference and Which Is a Better Therapy?

With any form of therapy there are different schools of thought, different techniques and approaches available. Often the technique used is down to the experience and skill-set of the therapist and what they deem is the most relevant treatment option. In this article we will look at massage therapy and in particular deep tissue or […]

When does a massage change from pampering to therapy?

There are many things that are good for us. For example going for a run, eating healthily and getting plenty of rest make us feel better, both emotionally and physically.  Treating ourselves to a new coat or big juicy burger can also make us feel better.  There are many different ways to treat ourselves and […]

Massage therapy’s place in an exercise programme

Exercise is great for you. Not only does it keep you fit and healthy but it also makes you feel great and will bring an element of routine into your life. There are many different types of exercise with many different techniques, programmes and styles. There are also many different aims and objectives for exercising […]

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