How massage can get you through the summer season of sports, camping, festivals and gardening

Summer it seems is here. This surely means for most people a very busy couple of months. Whether you’re working in the service sector, whether you have a young family or whether you’re just an active person who loves the feeling of sun on your back, you’ll be busy. Our summers can be short here […]

Why a massage treatment programme is the ideal method for stress reduction

A good well-being encompasses fitness, health, and mentality or in other slightly similar words; to have a good well-being you need to be fit, healthy, and mentally happy. There are many different ways to reach a good well-being such as exercising, eating healthily and keeping a positive mindset on life. Massage is often cited as […]

Massage therapy’s place in an exercise programme

Exercise is great for you. Not only does it keep you fit and healthy but it also makes you feel great and will bring an element of routine into your life. There are many different types of exercise with many different techniques, programmes and styles. There are also many different aims and objectives for exercising […]

Helping stressed clients with massage …

March is Stress Awareness month and with more people than ever experiencing stress, having effective treatments to help them can make all the difference. Dunni Edebor, a student at Richdales, shared with us recently how she helped a client who had problems sleeping, felt constantly stressed and was having problems rotating her shoulders. The client […]

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