CPD Courses in London

What does it take to be a tutor at Richdales

Being a busy provider of aromatherapy courses in London we’re naturally big fans of training and adult learning. Training and developing can be such a fulfilling experience and really good for your health, but the quality of the training is very important. There are many factors that contribute to a great education but definitely one […]

Leading provider of massage courses in London asks… Does learning make you happier?

As a leading provider of massage courses in London we naturally think that education is great. It is important because it enhances people; it gives people power and the opportunity to change things. We think education is vitally important to a good life and we always strive to make our students enjoy our courses as […]

anatomy and physiology courses london

Why the study of the human body and its functions are vital to becoming a good complementary therapist

Knowledge is power. At Richdales we clearly agree with that sentiment. As we are leading providers of massage, aromatherapy and reflexology courses in London you would hope so. We strongly believe that you should never stop learning, growing and improving. We believe that you can never have too much knowledge, and by learning as much […]

You should always add more strings to your bow. Sign up to our aromatherapy course in London and offer more

You should never stop learning; never stop seeking ways to improve. Naturally as a leading provider of aromatherapy courses in London we would say this, but it is true. None of our tutors are ever fully content with their knowledge and are always looking at new things to learn. Look at the top professional sports […]

CPD Courses in London

What you will learn at our reflexology course in London

At Richdales our passion is good learning. We take great pride in forming good relationships with our students and helping them on their journey towards complementary therapy. We also understand that many students and potential students get anxious over certain things. One such thing is what the course is actually about. Being a leading provider […]

The importance of continuing your learning

Development is important. From the moment we are born we’re constantly developing. Whether we are simply growing bigger, whether we are learning how to speak or whether we are forming our own personality we are always developing. This doesn’t just change when we get to adulthood, it doesn’t change once we have finished our full-time […]

Make 2015 your year with one of many massage courses running throughout the year at Richdales

Variety is the spice of life! A good quality life will take in many different factors such as varied friendships, varied food intake, lots of passion and hobbies and a great deal of learning too. A varied life is a good life and a good life requires all of the above. That is why we […]

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