Achieve Perfect Winter Relaxation with Aromatherapy

With cold, dark days, grey skies and a lack of vibrant greenery, the winter season can leave many people feeling downright down in the dumps. But aromatherapy can help to bring the sunshine back into life! Simple blends that use citrus oils can be extremely energising and uplifting during the winter season. Many people favour […]

What Are the Best Essential Oils?

Aromatherapy has a wide variety of healing abilities – from relieving sore and tense muscles to quieting anxiety. Aromatherapy oils are created by extracting natural oils from different areas of plants. Steam distillation is typically used to make the health-boosting oils. Steam runs through the plant and breaks down the cells that carry the oil. […]

Be a better complementary therapist with our aromatherapy course in London

When you stop learning not only do you stop improving but you actually get worse. Your skill set or knowledge base will eventually get worse the longer you stop learning about a topic. For example for those of you who don’t work with figures in their daily lives, how good is your maths ability compared […]

Anatomy & Physiology course london

Anatomy & Physiology doesn’t have to be the hard part of your ITEC Massage course explains a leading London massage training school

Learning Anatomy & Physiology is really important for you as a complementary therapy student because your Anatomy & Physiology is the fundamentals to becoming a successful practitioner. If for example you are studying Reflexology you don’t learn your Anatomy & Physiology, you’re not doing Reflexology, all you’re doing is a simple foot massage. If you […]

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