How To Choose The Best Sports Massage Course In London?

Sports Massage Level 4Sports massage therapy remains one of the fastest growing occupations in the UK. It’s ever increasing popularity is due to the fact that it is a rewarding and well-paid vocation that offers many career opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming a sports massage therapist, your first step will be enrolling in a sports massage course. Fortunately, you are spoilt for choice when looking for a sports massage school in London, as there are several excellent providers.

In this guide, our Courses Director, Dr Rishi Loatey,  shares several essential tips which will make the process of choosing the best sports massage training in London much easier.


Check If The Sports Massage Course Is Mostly ‘Hands On’ or Online

The growing interest in sports massage over the past few years has led to many new massage schools opening up in London. Some of these providers have a focus on online training, which they promote as being superior to traditional massage classes.

Although online training can be useful part of teaching many subjects, sports massage does require a ‘hands on’ component. Hands on training allows students to practice their massage techniques on patients while under supervision, which helps them perfect their technique.

Many students find that their confidence and ability to work in the real world is improved after undertaking sports massage training in London with a hands-on approach. Ask each school you are considering about the duration of the course taught online compared to hands on training.


Is The Qualification The Course Provides Widely Recognised?

If you intend to work as a sport massage therapist, it is crucial that you obtain a qualification that is widely recognised. It will help you obtain employment in a wide variety of professional settings.

Richdales Institute offers International Examination Council (ITEC) diplomas to graduates of sports massage courses. ITEC diplomas are industry recognised qualifications that allow you to practice professionally in the UK and dozens of other countries.

Richdales qualifications are also recognised by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), General Council for Massage Therapies (GCMT), Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and Sports Massage Association (SMA).


Assess The Quality Of The Sports Massage Training Facilities

The quality of the training facilities offered by massage schools can vary greatly. When evaluating the suitability of the facilities on offer, consider the following:

  • Where is the sports massage school located?
    Is the school in a convenient location that is easy to get to? Is there parking available or public transport nearby?
  • Do they have comfortable classrooms?
    Look for images of the school’s classrooms to assess their suitability. They should look modern, comfortable, and ideal for learning. If the space is drab and dated, look for another school.
  • Is there equipment available and is it modern?
    Does each classroom have massage tables available for students to use, or will you need to bring your own? Also, take a look at the other equipment in the room. Do they have projectors or large displays to share information with students?


Does The Training Support Your Career Choices?

Before choosing a sports massage school in London, think about your future career goals.

Are you a personal trainer interested in increasing the range of services you wish to offer? Perhaps you want to work while travelling through Europe and need a qualification that makes it possible to work for a wide variety of businesses? Or, do you want to immerse yourself in the world of competitive sports and become a massage therapist for a professional sporting team?

Check that the qualification offered by the massage school is suitable for your goals. If you want to work as a professional sports massage therapist, that means it must be an ITEC certified qualification. Also, make sure that the curriculum includes all of the topics which are important for the area in which you wish to work.


Are The Teachers Experienced and Highly Qualified?

The quality of the education that you receive larger depends upon the skill of the teaching staff. Check that the teachers involved have the experience, qualifications, and communication skills necessary to teach sports massage at a professional level.

One way to assess the quality of the teaching staff is to read their bios. Massage schools should be more than happy to tell you the work history and backgrounds of their teachers. You could also arrange a meeting with the individual teachers or visit the massage school on an open day to see the teaching staff in action.

At Richdales, our tutors are highly experienced and professional tutors.

As importantly, they run successful practices of their own, so they are not simply teaching theory. We also offer an option to ‘Try Us Out’ to help you make a decision whether Richdales is right for.


Take a look at student success stories

Looking at student stories helps you understand how thorough each course is, and how much the qualification might contribute to your future success. Here are a few stories from Richdales, one of the lead providers of sports massage training in London:


Wayne Osborne 
Wayne Osbourne was a successful personal trainer working in the UK. A few years ago, he decided to expand his skillset by offering sports massage to his clients. In 2016, he began looking for the best sports massage school in London.

After reviewing several sports massage courses in London, he went with Richdales institute. After completing an ITEC QCF Diploma in Sports Massage (including ITEC QCF Diploma in Massage) he completed the ITEC Certificate in Sports Massage Level 4.

According to Wayne, his newly acquired knowledge has transformed his business. He can now perform a wide variety of sports massage techniques for his clients, helping them improve their general health and increase the effectiveness of workouts sessions. He can also offer standalone sports massage services.

His business has seen a significant improvement in revenue after he began offering sports  massage services. Read Wayne’s story.


Carrie Ann Smith
Carrie Ann Smith was unsatisfied with her position as a customer services manager for a storage and removals company. Inspired by a colleague, she decided to look for a new career which focussed on something she enjoyed — giving and receiving massages.

She compared several massage training schools in London, before settling on Richdales Institute. According to Carrie, her decision was based on the fact that Richdales offers a more comprehensive massage training course than other providers.

The Richdales course offered an in-depth review of topics like physiology and anatomy, which other courses did not have. She enjoyed the process of receiving her ITEC diploma in Sport Massage so much that she also completed a diploma in Indian Head Massage and another in Sports Massage.

She is now deeply immersed in the world of massage, teaching others about massage at Richdales and continuing her training. Read Carrie-Anne’s story.

We have many more student success stories on the Richdales Institute website. Read our Student Success Stories.


Sports Massage Training Offered at Richdales

We offer different levels of sports massage courses including:

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