Helping Runners With Sports Massage

sports massage courses at RichdalesWith the 2018 London Marathon nearly upon us we thought we would turn our attention on the ways sports massage therapists can help runners. A knowledgeable sports massage therapist can play a vital role in the training routine for runners of all abilities.

How can a sports massage therapist help a runner?

Sports massage is an effective addition to the training schedule of any runner. The treatment offered to a runner will vary depending on when and why they are seeking treatment. In general, it is worth considering four main types of treatments:

  • Pre-event massage
  • Post-event massage
  • Maintenance massage
  • Injury treatment

Pre-event massage
This treatment is aimed at preparing the runner’s body ahead of a race with the aim off avoiding injuries by preparing muscles and joints. It can also be beneficial in preparing the runner mentally for the event. The massage is best done just before the event. It is increasingly common these days for pre-event massages to be available at races.

Post-event massage
A post race massage can help to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and can soothe and ease fatigued and tired tissues. 

Maintenance massage
A sports maintenance massage takes place in between training sessions with the aim to prevent injuries and improve performance.

Injury treatment
Unfortunately it is not uncommon for runners to pick up injuries and sports massage can be effective in treating specific soft tissue injuries. A wide variety of techniques and methods can be used to reduce the recovery time from injury and help a runner get back to running.

Sports Massage Courses at Richdales

At Richdales we offer weekday and weekend ITEC Diploma Sports Massage Courses for those with or without a massage qualification. We also offer weekday and weekend ITEC Sports Massage Level 4 courses.

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