Choosing A Sports Massage Course In London That’s Right For You

Sports Massage Level 4If you are interested in pursuing a career as a sports massage therapist, your first course of action will be finding a sports massage school in London.

There are several sports massage therapy courses available in London, ranging from introductory courses to the advanced qualifications like the ones provided by Richdales Institute.

When comparing each course, it’s important to think about your goals, personal preferences and preferred learning style. This will help you find sports massage training in London that you enjoy and take great benefit from.

To make the selection process easier, this post will share several tips for comparing sports massage courses in London. It will help you find a course you enjoy and set you up for a successful career in sports massage.


Tips For Choosing A Sports Massage School London

Check that the school provides a recognised qualification

If you are interested in working for a professional sporting organisation, landing a job will be much easier if you have a widely recognised qualification.

One of the most well recognised of sports massage qualifications is an ITEC diploma. ITEC stands for the International Therapy Examination Council. This organisation provides internationally recognised qualifications to graduates who pass all of the required tests. All sports massage courses in London offered by Richdales are ITEC certified.


Training that supports your career choices

Some sports massage schools will provide specialised one-on-one training which is designed to help you land your dream job. Look for education providers which offer a lot of hands on training and a thorough syllabus that touches on the topics directly related to the career you are interested in pursuing.


Take a look at their venues

Sports massage courses in London are held in many types of venues, from small classrooms to large auditoriums. Make sure your chosen massage school has professional venues that meet your standards. They should be clean and contain all of the equipment that you need to learn effectively.


Check the timing of the course

One of the challenges of finding the right sports massage training in London is timing. You will need to find a course that has a class timetable that works well with your current work and family commitments. Check their class schedule to see when classes are run and how flexible they are in terms of attendance.


Do the teachers have the skills you need?

High quality sports massage schools will have publicly available information on their teaching staff. This helps prospective students assess the quality of the faculty before they enrol.

If you have very specific goals, you might be able to find a sports massage school that employs teachers who have worked in your dream job and have a huge amount of valuable knowledge to impart.


Support after you qualify

The best massage schools in London will have strong support in place for graduates. These groups are a wonderful way to find employment opportunities and further your education. If you are interested in professional development after graduation, look for a school which has a strong student community surrounding it.


Additional training opportunities

Modern day sports massage therapists are usually trained in several additional fields aside from massage. They are well versed in a variety of topics and are capable of taking a holistic approach when treating patients.

To reach this standard, it is important to have access to additional training opportunities. That’s why it is worth choosing a school which offers a wide range of qualifications, like Richdales Institute.


If you are interested in learning if Richdales Institute is the right fit for you, visit our website here or give us a call on 020 8900 9005. Our Courses Director will help you learn more about our massage school and what we have to offer.