And The Winners Of Our March Facebook Competition Are …

stident feedback competition at richdales

Our March Student Feedback competition winners are Sheila Carroll and Andrew Eddie Robinson.

We’d like to thank all the students who took the time to provide such great feedback of their experience. We think they are all well worth a read so we have added them below for you to read.

Student Feedback Competition Entries:

Sheila Carroll:

57 years old and 2 Weekends in to my Holistic Massage Diploma.!! The ITEC Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology seemed daunting at first as I haven’t studied for over 35 years. The lecturers are so passionate and experienced that I do believe I can succeed in my dream of becoming a Pregnancy Massage Therapist Thanks guys, you are the best.

What a way to spend a Sunday ?

Andrew Eddie Robinson:

Started my Holistic Massage course one month ago and loving every moment!

Having happy, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff makes a huge difference. After each weekend I’ve felt re-energised, not just because of the vibrant, inquisitive students or receiving relaxing massages (which are bonuses), but also learning more about our amazing body – something that many of us take for granted. Did you know that our skin is not only the largest organ but also the largest organ in our detoxification/ elimination system?

Understanding how different systems function is so fulfilling and stimulating. It’s even helping me make better lifestyle choices. Thank you!

Finola Brady Eldridge:

For me, the most enjoyable aspect of the course is not only to support me in my long term goal, but also igniting that I may live what I preach (or will be) – the insight of how many factors influence our every microfibre in the most unconcious of ways affecting our health and well being at every level of our miraculous system ‘The Human Body.’
From ‘experts’ in the field bringing up to date personal and practical experience to support us as we network in the field – I feel confident that when advice/support is needed, it is given with passion and integrity.
Thank you

Andreea Radu:

The most enjoyable thing I’ve discovered at Richdales Institute is that the institute is more than a business. I found what I was looking for: genuine, dedicated and passionate people and more than that, I found empathy and knowledge. It may sound very silly, but for me, as a future (hopefully 🙂 ) holistic therapist is very important to have access to a valuable training and guidance. In my first 2 weeks, the team I’ve met at Richdales convinced me that I am on the right path

Tomomi Uehara Urayama:

I have to say I am very impressed with Richdales. The teachers are very professional! I am looking forward to having rest of course.

Joanna Green:

I found the practical sessions very enjoyable because as well as practicing I could receive a massage.