We have a winner! Fantastic poem wins Gina a massage couch

richdales massageA big congratulation goes out to Gina Eusebe. She is the most recent winner of our Facebook competition, and wow what a deserving winner.

For the prize of a massage couch to help you with your new skills all you had to do was to like our Facebook page and give us your feedback on our wall.

“This is how I experienced my first weekend on the course, and I have enjoyed everything I’ve learnt. I have written a poem to explain. My poem”.

Gina clearly wanted to get involved with this competition and entered with not just her feedback or quick comment on our wall, but with a poem!

Here’s the entry:


“Preet was so sweet what a great soul to meet it was nice to say that I could put a face to the name.

Dr Rishi was bubbly, sometimes a bit funny, he didn’t give us a lecture he just announced he was Course Director.

The massage teaching duo, Nanette and Carrie taught us how to Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Cup, Hack and Beat, everyone took turns to have a go! Oh, by the way I won the bingo!

That sent Vibrations down my spine to find out that the tea light candles were mine.

Folding our towel in weird and wonderful ways, making bolsters and pillows I could fold these for days.

Massaging my new friend was a great way to end, also having a sleep was a nice little treat.

Was that the first day? Heck yeah! No way! I wonder what we will do on day number two.

Anatomy and physiology was a lot to read, but David said this is what’s needed for us to succeed.

All in all I’ve had great fun so far, the only thing I wish was that first prize was a car!”


We’re sorry Gina, we can’t quite give you a car but you have won yourself a massage couch to help you become a great massage therapist. Enjoy.

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