Will a Richdales massage course in London allow me to practice professionally in the UK? A common question asked

Massage course LondonAs a leading massage course provider in London we often get a lot of queries. They can vary from time to time but one of the most repeated questions we get is; “Will a Richdales massage course in London allow me to practice professionally in the UK?”

It is a completely valid question and one we respect. As a potential student we understand that your aims may be to start a new career and we endeavour to help you achieve that. If you are one of those people wanting to know the answer, read on.

In short yes

The short answer to your question is of course yes. We ensure that anyone taking a diploma or certificate course with us will get professional accreditation. If you are taking a CPD course with us then you won’t get any professional qualifications as these courses are designed as knowledge top ups and skill enhancing courses.

We can ensure that all our students studying a diploma or certificate with us at Richdales will get professional accreditation because of QCF.

What is QCF?

QCF also known as the Qualifications and Credit Framework is a set of rules used by the Government’s Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations.

The QCF is designed to provide learners, learning providers and employers with an inclusive, flexible and regulated qualifications framework. By using the QCF for our massage courses in London, we set ourselves up to the highest standards and will be externally regulated.

This allows us to train our students to high professional standards and ultimately means that our massage courses in London will be respected professionally across the UK.

What also helps us earn respect for our massage courses in London is the fact that we use ITEC for our examinations.

What is ITEC?

ITEC or the International Therapy Examination Council is one of the world’s leading examination boards specialising in complementary therapy, sport, fitness and beauty sectors.

Essentially by using both ITEC and QCF we ensure the complementary therapy community respects our courses and ultimately our students. We are proud of our hire standards and by taking a Richdales massage course in London (with exceptions) you will be able to practice massage professionally in the UK.