Why our baby massage course in London is extremely satisfying

baby massageBaby massage is a long standing tradition in a lot of cultures around the world. Some cultures will massage their babies from birth as part of their daily baby care routine.

As a leading provider of massage courses in London we of course look into many different massage techniques and routines and baby massage is without doubt one of our favourites.

It is not only beneficial for the baby but it is often a natural desire for many parents to want to massage their newborn kids, which sadly a lot of them will lack the confidence to carry this out.

We offer a baby massage course at Richdales that we’d like to share with you.

About the baby massage course

During the course you will learn safe and effective techniques. We’ll also teach you how to train parents or cares how to massage their own babies. This will give you the confidence to not only massage a baby or infant but to pass on your knowledge to some really grateful and keen recipients, parents.

You will be taught specific techniques and positioning for babies and infants that will benefit them greatly.  It can help with a variety of common childhood complaints as well as encouraging sleep, improving immune system function, helping with colic and lowering stress levels.

An extremely satisfying experience

As we have said above, it’s not just about the baby though. You must consider the parents and yourself in this experience. As a leading provider of massage courses in London we have your experience of a therapist in our thoughts too.

That is why we also love baby massage. It can be an extremely satisfying experience helping parents bond with their newborns and even more so after teaching them how to do it.

It is satisfying, rewarding, and ultimately that’s why you’re in the complementary therapy industry.