Why Choose Richdales Institute For Your Massage Training In London?

Choosing a massage school in London that delivers the massage training that will support your short term and long-term goals is a very important decision. There are several things to consider when making this decision, so it’s not a one size fits all process. You must consider what’s right for you.

At Richdales, having helped thousands of students over the past 30+ years gain qualifications in the field of complementary medicine including massage, we believe there are 7 key areas you need to satisfy yourself on before enrolling on any massage course in London. It is feedback from the thousands of students we have trained along with our extensive teaching and practical experience that has led us to these reasons.

These reasons are:

  1. What are past students doing after gaining their qualifications?
  2. What results do students achieve and what is their feedback?
  3. Is the course structured in the best possible way and is the content being taught the latest qualifications available?
  4. What, if any, post graduate support is available?
  5. Are the training venues and facilities offered suitable to support the level of massage training required?
  6. Is the massage training school able to support adequate examination opportunities throughout the year and provide support during the examination process?
  7. Do the massage teachers have the high level of expertise, training and experience to teach you?


Our aim at Richdales is quite simple. It is to teach our students the material they need to learn so that they can:

  1. Pass their professional massage examinations and
  2. Be successful as massage practitioners, be it in practice, a multi-disciplinary clinic or another environment.


To find out more about how we at Richdales, can achieve the above we have put together a document which steps through how we do this. Click Why Choose Us to download a copy for yourself.


Why Students Choose Our Massage School In London

Over the past 30+ years we have gathered extensive feedback from our students. This feedback has provided us invaluable insight into the seven key reasons that they choose us.

The seven key reasons students have told us why they have chosen our massage school in London include:

  1. Training that supports their career choices.
  2. Outstanding results that surpass the ITEC national average.
  3. Being at the forefront of providing students with the best massage course structure and content with the very latest qualifications.
  4. Providing support to students even after they qualify.
  5. Having first class venues and facilities to support their learning experience.
  6. Scheduling courses that run throughout the year for their advantage.
  7. Teaching provided by tutors with the expertise, training and experience to help them succeed.


To find out more about how we at Richdales, can achieve the above we have put together a document which steps through how we do this. Click Why Choose Us to download a copy for yourself.


What Students Say About Their Massage Training At Richdales

We pride ourselves that our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Most students who find us when looking for a massage school in London are looking to pursue a career as massage therapists. However, some of our students are looking to learn more about massage therapy and maybe offer massages to family and friends.

Take a look at our Student Success Stories which include interviews undertaken with several students who have undertaken training at Richdales.

The interviews cover what led them to look at massage courses, why they chose our massage school, how their experience was of their massage training, how their life has changed since completing their massage course and what advice they would give to others looking for a massage training.



Take The Next Step To Choosing a Massage Course in London


Click Why Choose Us to download a copy of our Why Chose Us document for yourself.


Read our Student Success Stories to find out more about our students’ personal experiences.


Visit the ITEC Diploma In Massage page on our website which will provide you with full details about our Massage Therapy Course.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8900 9005.