Why Are You Looking For A Massage or Sports Massage Course In London?

So you are looking for a massage or sports massage course in London right now? If you are like one of the thousands of students who we have trained with our accredited courses over the past 30 plus years you probably have a strong reason for doing so.

Unsurprisingly, each person has their own why. However, over the years we have found that there are some common reasons that is driving our students to study with us.


These reasons often include:

  • Wanting a way to help others
  • Looking for a change of career
  • Increasing the services they provide in their current business
  • Creating a new life for themselves
  • Learning a new skill

For many of our students they have one driving reason but for others it is a combination of these reasons. It is not unusual to hear from our past students that they have benefitted in many other ways having started working in their chosen field. Many of our students tell us of the freedom, flexibility, and increased earning potential that they have found. However, the overwhelming feedback we receive from students is the ability to help others while being able to live life on their terms.

In this post, our Courses Director shares three interviews he has undertaken with past massage and sports massage students at our massage school in London. These interviews share the stories of the reasons these students were looking for a massage or sports massage course in London, why they chose to undertaken their training at Richdales and how their life has changed since completing their training.


Student Success Stories:

Stefania de Cara : How A Change Of Career Has Changed Stefania’s Life Completely

Stefania worked in an extremely stressful work environment in the music industry. Long working hours, often spent at her desk at a computer contributed to injuries she suffered including back problems.

There was a silver lining to her suffering as it led her to pursuing complementary therapies to help with her injuries. Her treatment and the results she experienced led to her interest, research and passion for this field and finally led her to decide to pursue a career in this field.

You can listen to Stefania’s interview with our Courses Director here.


Wayne Osborne: How Wayne Was Able To Increase The Revenue Of His PT Business

Wayne was a Personal Trainer who was looking for a way to better help his clients. This led him to decide to offer therapies that would benefit his clients. It was a recommendation from one of his PT to consider looking at Richdales as she herself was a past student of our massage school.

Doing his own research, Wayne decided that Richdales offered him the best training environment and started his studies with an ITEC QCF Diploma in Sports Massage (including ITEC QCF Diploma in Massage) and after completing this course successfully he completed the ITEC Certificate in Sports Massage Level 4.

You can listen to Wayne’s interview with our Courses Director here.



Katie and Denise: Katie and Denise Are Loving Their New Life In Sunny Tenerife Whilst Combining Work & Voluntary Service

A combination of events led Katie and Denise in the field of Complementary Therapy. Having felt the profound effect of complementary therapies on themselves, their minds were opened to the potential that Complementary therapies had in helping others and what other complementary therapies they could study and learn.

Further research into this field led them to Richdales where they undertook their ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage and Reflexology training.

The more they studied the more they knew that the right the thing for them to do was to make their lives in complementary therapy. Not only would this allow them to work in a field that they were passionate about but it also aligned to their strong commitment to be of service to others.

You can listen to the interview with  Katie and Denise here.


Why are you are looking for a massage or sports massage course in London?

You will have your own reasons for looking for a massage or sports course at this time. Whatever those reasons may be an important factor in your success will be finding the right course for you.

With over 30 plus years in training students we have the experience and expertise to help you succeed.

These above student stories are just three of the many Student Success stories you can find on our website here.

You can find much more information about the ITEC massage and sports massage course we offer including student results and feedback. You can also download a copy of The UK Guide To Complementary Therapy Training for free which also includes an invaluable 30 point checklist of questions to ask any massage training provider before you enrol.

We look forward to being able to help you on your journey.