Our Upcoming CPD Courses Offer An Opportunity To Expand Your Skill Sets

CPD Courses in London at RichdalesMay, June & July see us offering a wide range of CPD courses. We believe these courses give our students an opportunity to develop and enhance their skill sets.

Not only do these courses enable therapists to give clients a wider range of treatments, many of the techniques ensure that therapists can protect their bodies in the process.

Here are the CPD Courses we have coming up in May, June and July:

Read what some of our students have to say about our CPD courses:

“The teaching was excellent and is a great additional skill.” Judy H (Facial Reflexology)

“A very good, informative and practical course. It will help any therapist.” Neva B (Facial Reflexology)

“It will enhance the Indian Head Massage & Full Body Massages courses.” Linda P (Facial Reflexology)

“It is another good massage to know about and to know how & when to apply it.” Kim G (Thai Table Massage)

“Well taught, right number of techniques taught. Small class numbers and relaxed atmosphere.” Stephanie (Thai Table Massage)

“Very helpful in correcting my posture and showing me where I am going wrong in my posture.” Maran T (Thumb Free Reflexology)

“Lots of practical, balanced with theory. Excellent tutor, very knowledgeable beyond course content.” Sandy C (Thumb Free Reflexology)

You can read more feedback for our CPD courses on each individual course page.