Top provider of massage courses in London stresses the importance of great tutors

CPD Courses in LondonThere are many factors that affect education. Facilities, course content, and the enthusiasm of the students are all very important. There are all sorts of things that will determine a person’s learning and education and as a top provider of massage courses in London we know that more than most.

Perhaps the single most important factor, the one that determines a student’s entire experience, is the ability of the teacher/tutor. We all know that one teacher in school that inspired us beyond our ability and we all know that teacher who let us get away with slacking and taught us nothing.

At Richdales Institute we pride ourselves in having great tutors.

Experienced, passionate and excellent tutors

As a leading provider of massage courses in London we have found that experience really counts. A lot of our students come to us with specific aims. They want to forge a successful career for themselves in the complementary therapy industry. We have found that in having tutors who have real life experience working as massage therapists, helps the students understand what it takes to succeed.

It helps our students be inspired and gives them great motivation. For a leading London massage course provider it is also important that a tutor shows great passion and knowledge as well.

That is why our teachers are hand‐picked and selected for their knowledge and passion. All Diploma Course teachers have an adult training qualification. All our teachers have demonstrated their knowledge in their individual disciplines as well as how to teach – 2 very different skill sets.

Finally we believe that empathy is really important for a great tutor. They need to understand what it’s like to be a student; they need to understand what help a student needs. Most of our teachers have been students to a high degree themselves and they know how students feel.

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