Top 10 FAQs About Our Massage Therapy Courses In London

As one of the leading providers of massage therapy courses in London, Richdales Institute receives enquiries each day from many prospective students. We are more than happy to help people learn more about the benefits of enrolling at our massage school in London.

In this post, our Courses Director shares the top 10 frequently asked questions that people that are looking for a massage course in London ask.

If you are looking for accredited professional massage training in London, this post will help you learn about our massage therapy courses in London and the benefits of studying with Richdales Institute.


10 Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Can I Work Professionally After Receiving An ITEC Diploma In Massage

Yes, you can. When you finish your London massage training course, you will receive an International Training & Education Counsel (ITEC) qualification.

This type of qualification is recognised in 33 different countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It will inform employers and clients that you have received the training necessary to practise massage therapy professionally.


#2 – Do I Need Any Qualifications To Start The Course?

No, you don’t. Our ITEC Level 3 massage course is ideal for beginners with no experience whatsoever. Our instructors will give you all of the information and hands-on training you need to go from a complete novice to a professional massage therapist.


#3 – How Can I Tell Which Massage School In London Is Best For Me?

There are many factors to keep in mind when comparing massage therapy courses in London. These factors include the location of the school, the curriculum, your career goals, the type of qualification you will receive, the style of the instructors, and the amount of hands-on time provided in class.

The friendly team at Richdales Institute will be more than happy to walk you through all of these factors to help you understand the value that our school provides. You can even sit-in on a massage class and watch how our teachers work closely with students to help them learn the material.


#4 – Is This Course Suitable For Me?

The training that Richdales Institute provides is suitable for anyone with an interest in massage. Our school has trained students of all ages and background who come from dozens of different countries. Whether you are middle-aged and looking for a career change, leaving school/college and interested in starting a career, or retired and looking for a hobby — you will enjoy taking part in one of our massage courses in London.


#5 – Can I Fail The Course? What Happens If I Do?

Richdales Institute has been in operation for over 30 years. During this time, 100% of students who have undertaken an ITEC Theory or Practical examination in Holistic Massage have received a passing grade. This extraordinary track record of success is only made possible by Richdales Institute providing an incredible level of training and support to all students.


#6 – How Qualified Are Tutors?

Our excellent teaching staff is one of the main reasons why Richdales Institute is widely considered to be a leading provider of ITEC massage training in London. We have assembled a team of experienced massage therapists who have the right qualifications and industry experience to teach massage therapy to a high standard. They are a committed group who are passionate about helping students succeed.


#7 – I Haven’t Studied In Years, Can I Complete This Course?

If it’s been a while since you received any training, it’s perfectly natural to be unsure about your ability to succeed in an academic environment. Fortunately, most massage courses in London are designed to accommodate students of all ages and backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t sat in a classroom for many years, you will still be able to successfully learn and graduate with a qualification.


#8 – What Payments Does Richdales Institute Accept?

Richdales Institute gives students several options for paying for their course including  cash, cheque, bank transfer, debit card and credit (without any additional charges).


#9 – Is it Possible To Spread The Cost Of Payments?

Yes, Richdales Institute makes it easier to pay for your course by allowing students to pay for their course using regular instalments. However, there is a significant discount available for students who pay in full at the start of the course.


#10 – Sounds Great! How Soon Can I Start?

Richdales Institute has both weekend and weekday courses commencing throughout the academic year (September, November, January, February and April). Full course details are available on our website to look up course dates and choose a date that is most convenient for you. Click here for our massage course information.


If you have any other questions about Richdales Institute’s massage courses in London, give us a call on 020 8900 9005 or emails us via