Do Something Incredible With Our Pregnancy and Baby Massage CPD Courses

baby massageEnjoying a career as a massage therapist? Want to add another string to you bow by offering significant health benefits to new and expectant parents?

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Pregnancy and Baby Massage courses which are taking place in July will help you on our way!

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. But an expectant mother’s body undergoes many physical, mental and emotional changes during this time. Pregnancy massage is a wonderful and effective way to help alleviate many of unique discomforts associated with carrying a child as well as promoting a sense of wellbeing.

And when the little one is born, baby massage can help reinforce that special bond between parent and child. It is also widely believed that massaging babies can play a major role in their growth and development.

So if you want to offer something incredible that can really make a difference to a wonderful part of life, book on to our CPD courses now.

Pregnancy and Baby Massage Can Change Your Life

At Richdales, we have seen massage therapists go on to study pregnancy and baby massage from “popular demand” from their clients. Perhaps a lot of your clients are parents or hoping to become parents. Perhaps they know a lot of parents or expectant mothers. As a qualified massage therapist, you already have solid massage skills. Offering a new and specific kind of treatment that could help clients and their babies will enable you to expand your offering to very specific clientele.

Why Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage has been found to help reduce stress, relax nerves, help with mood swings and combat aches and pains and postural changes. Lymphatic drainage techniques can help with swelling in the arms and legs.

Our detailed Pregnancy Massage course will teach you how to adapt massage techniques to address some of the many changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. For example, a woman’s blood volume can increase as much as 50% in pregnancy. As a result, blood flow to a woman’s legs can slow down. At the same time, levels of coagulants in a woman’s blood (which are designed to help prevent haemorrhaging during delivery) rise.

You will learn specific positioning and massage techniques, as well as contra-indications and precautions for each trimester. You will also learn beneficial strokes to aid specific common problems during pregnancy, and two full sequences of pregnancy massage so that your client can get the maximum benefit of the massage.

Why Baby Massage?

Massaging your baby is a natural desire but many new parents lack the confidence to carry it out.

Our Baby Massage course will teach you how to teach parents and carers to perform a soothing and effective massage. Both in a one to one and a group setting

Baby massage is a long standing tradition in some cultures with some babies being massaged from birth as part of their daily baby care routine. And it’s becoming more and more popular in the UK.

As well as offering wonderful bonding moments between parent and  child, baby massage can help with a range of common childhood complaints as well as improving sleep and encouraging a strong immune system.

On to this course you will learn all the safe and effective techniques that will allow you to work confidently when massaging a baby. You will be taught specific positioning and massage techniques, as well as specific contra-indications and precautions for babies of different ages and development stages. And you’ll gain a deep understanding about specific carrier oils and beneficial strokes to aid specific common problems during childhood. Baby massage really is one of the most beneficial, satisfying and rewarding skills you can develop.

Only the Best at Richdales

The Courses are taught by two experienced  members of our teaching team.  Angelic will be passing on her expertise in pregnancy massage whilst David (recently a grandfather for a second time !) will be sharing his experiences of baby massage.

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Our Pregnancy Massage and Baby Massage courses run regularly throughout the year.  We only offer a limited number of places on these courses and they always fill up fast.

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