Massaging your baby is a great way to form strong and loving bonds claims provider of massage courses in London

massage course LondonNew born babies are exciting. First and foremost they are exciting for the parents more than anyone else but there are plenty of other people who get happy about the whole experience. Grandparents, family and close friends and colleagues will be more than interested in the new little one coming into their lives.

At Richdales, we have a massage course in London just for those people, baby massage.

Learn how to perform massage on a bay or how to teach parents to do the same

We have a course starting in a week’s time which will teach you how to perform massage techniques on babies. You will be taught specific positioning and massage techniques, as well as, contra-indications and precautions for babies and infant of different ages.

This opens up all sorts of opportunities for you as a practitioner; you could massage your own baby and form incredible bonds, you massage other people’s babies and provide them with a soothing and relaxing experience or even better we will teach you how to train parents to massage their own babies.

It is a really rewarding course to take as the opportunity to spread the joy of massage is great but also you can help parents of new born babies form incredible bonds their kids.

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