Massage training in London taught by tutors with the expertise training and experience to help you succeed

massage training LondonOne of the most important factors when choosing where to do your massage training in London is the quality of the education. The provider may have the best facilities around and an amazing course structure but unless the teachers are up to a top level you education is at risk.

At Richdales we understand the importance of a good tutor and strive to provide our students with the right people to help them succeed.

Our teachers are hand‐picked and selected for their knowledge and passion. All Diploma Course teachers have an adult training qualification. However, it isn’t enough to just have knowledge. Our teachers have demonstrated their knowledge in their individual disciplines as well as how to teach – 2 very different skill sets.

Our teachers have been students to a high degree themselves and know how students feel. Most of our teachers have a BSc or MSC level qualification.

As Practitioners themselves, all our teachers are committed to life‐long learning and are constantly continuing to develop in their disciplines.

Our students benefit from the ‘clinical pearls’ from their teachers that can help them deal with real clients and experiences. Our students are not being taught by teachers who are not practising and giving information gleaned from a book.

The Best Teacher for Each Topic

At Richdales, we believe a good massage training provider in London must ensure our students receive their education with the best teacher for each part of their course.

Just because a teacher is excellent at teaching massage doesn’t mean they will be excellent at teaching Anatomy & Physiology.

For each topic with a course, we assign the best teacher to it depending upon their skill set (and passion) for that topic.

Excellent tutors and expert trainers are just some of the reasons Richdales is one of the best massage training providers in London.