Massage training in London providing you with support even after you qualify

massage training LondonAs we all know people have many different reasons for undertaking massage training in London. A lot of our students come here just to learn something new to share with their friends and family. A lot of our students come to us with a focused objective of forging a career in massage therapy. Whatever the reason however we always support our students even after you qualify.

We at Richdales take great pride in this and we believe that learning doesn’t stop when a student qualifies.

It is important for our students continue to be supported even after they qualify. That’s why we provide our qualified students with free membership to our Post Graduate Association.

The Post Graduate Association gives students many benefits. These include:

• Sitting in on any teaching weekend of the course they have studied to deepen their understanding

•Receiving regular updates of the latest research developments in Complementary Medicine. This helps students develop their skills accordingly. It enables them to share information with their patients and build their practice. It also provides them with knowledge that may help them develop new business ideas e.g. in a corporate or healthcare environment.

• Job opportunities are made available to them when they become available.

•Continuing their education with us with our CPD workshops which helps develop and enhance their skills and taking advantage of the discounted course fees they will receive.
To be considered one of the best massage training providers in London you have to look after your students during your courses and after the course. This is something we excel at here at Richdales.