Massage training in London with massage course running throughout the year

Massage training LondonAt Richdales Institute we want to provide the best possible service for our students. That is why we collate feedback from our students to find out what makes the best massage training course in London. Some of the most important things a student wants are reliability in the course and a flexibility and opportunity to not only complete their course but also to learn a lot from it.

At Richdales demand for places on our courses is high. We usually have a waiting list for a place on our massage training courses.

This in itself gives students the security of knowing that they will not find that a course they have booked on has been cancelled due to low attendance numbers. Due to the number of courses and students Richdales has we are able to hold up to 8 ITEC Examinations a year.

A Flexible Approach

Our students benefit significantly from our ability to arrange for them to sit their examinations at a specific time after the end of their course to give them the opportunity to perform at their best level. They don’t have to wait 3 –6 months to sit their exams.

However, things do happen in life over a 6 –12 month period. Should a student be unable, to sit their scheduled examination, then due to our regular course schedule we usually have another examination date 6 weeks later!

We are also able to organise the Examinations to be held on a weekend or Friday evening. So our students don’t have to take time off work to sit their examinations.