Is a fit and healthy body crucial to excellent well-being?

Sport and fitness runner man running on road training for marathBeing involved in the complementary therapy industry it is our goal to help people reach excellent well-being. We are constantly looking at the different ways in which massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, healthy eating and exercise can lead to well-being.

What is excellent well-being? 

For us, we consider it to be state of body and mind in which a person is healthy and happy. The person would be calm and content with their lives, they are confident in whom and what they are. At the same time they would have a healthy body that looks after them and provides them with a good foundation to encounter the challenges of life. 

Do you need to exercise for great well-being?

Now we know what we’re talking about when it comes to the ultimate goal, how do we get there? First let’s look at how you can get there with improving your state of mind and eating well.

Your state of mind is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. It is of course what controls you and your body. If you’re feeling stressed, down or a bit fed up then you will not be a healthy person.

When your mind isn’t in a good place your body isn’t, your brain releases chemicals and causes your body to act in certain ways, increasing blood pressure and your heart rate for example.

It is important to keep your mind healthy and you can achieve that through a number of ways. A few examples would be meditation, massage, a great work/life balance and an excellent social life.

Healthy eating is also important to a great well-being. By eating will you’re looking after your body and improving its efficiency. A healthy body is a happy one.

It is definitely possible to achieve a great state of well-being without exercises.

Why make things harder?

Whilst it is possible to reach a god state of mind and body without too much exercise, it becomes much easier and better with it.

We’re not revealing any secrets in saying exercising makes you feel good. We’ve all heard of the feel good hormones (endorphins) which are released when you exercise. It is a simple fact of life, exercising makes you feel happier.

Not only that but it can improve the health and efficiency of your body, it can give you a great sense of accomplishment and pride and really take you a happy and healthy place.

There is no doubting it, exercise is very important when it comes to an excellent state of well-being.