How Our Massage Courses In London Have Helped Students To A New Career

A Few of Richdales's Successful StudentsRichdales Institute is one of the leading massage schools in London with a track record stretching back decades. Established over 30 years ago, we have helped thousands of students embark on new careers in massage therapy and other complementary therapies.

Graduates of our massage therapy courses in London have gone on to work for professional sporting clubs, resorts, cruise ships, and in private practice. Many have had the opportunity to see the world thanks to the skills they have learnt from our massage therapy courses.

In this post, our Courses Director, Dr Rishi Loatey, shares a couple of success stories which show how training in massage therapy can lead to an exciting career. If you are interested in learning more about our massage courses in London, give us a call on 020 8900 9005.


How Our Massage Courses In London Have Helped Students To A New Career

Stefania de Cara

Stefania de Cara was enjoying a successful career as a music promoter. She had worked with many famous musicians including the acclaimed opera singer Andrea Bocelli. However, despite being great at her job, she found it highly stressful and unsatisfying.

Her job would often involve long hours sitting at a computer, which eventually led to lower back pain. In an effort to treat her back issues, she began to read about the best available treatments, which led her to massage therapy.

Stefania soon realised that massage therapy wasn’t just a solution for her back problems — it could also be a potential new career path. After looking into massage therapy courses in London, she chose to enrol at Richdales Institute.

After graduating with an ITEC Diploma in Massage Therapy, she forged a successful career as a massage therapist. Now she is living a healthier lifestyle in an occupation she enjoys. Stefania says she has much more flexibility in her work hours and gains immense satisfaction from helping people.



Caroline had an exciting career in journalism which culminated with her working as a magazine executive. However, when her boss passed away she realised that the long hours and heavy workload were not worth the money.

She decided that a radical career change was in order, so began looking at massage courses in London. Caroline was interested in finding a course that suited her style of learning, where she could gradually absorb the information she was learning, instead of being forced to rush through the course.

After comparing several massage schools in London, she chose Richdales institute. Richdales offers a comprehensive massage therapy course, which students complete over several weeks. This gave Caroline the time she needed to really do a ‘deep dive’ into the learning material.

Once Caroline had completed the holistic massage course at Richdales, she decided she wanted to specialise and become a sports massage therapist. Fortunately for her, Richdales is one of the UK’s leading providers of sports massage training and offer a comprehensive course on the subject.

In the years following the completion of her course, Caroline has built a successful sports massage business. She has dozens of clients and works with everyone from retired amateur athletes to professional footballers.

You can listen to the full interview Dr Loatey had with Caroline here


Liana Girdeniene

Liana Girdeniene had been receiving reflexology treatments for several years to improve her general health. She found the results so good that she eventually underwent training at Richdales Institute to become a full time reflexologist.

Her reflexology business was doing reasonably well. However, it was only after she received additional training from Richdales massage school in London that it really began to boom.

After she started offering massage in combination with reflexology, the number of clients she had grew substantially. She would often get massage appointments and explain the benefits of reflexology to those clients and vice versa.

Suddenly, she had a huge number of clients receiving both treatments and obtaining the benefits they provide.


Massage Training in London at Richdales Institute

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If you are looking for a massage school in London that can help you succeed and move into a career in massage therapy, Richdales Institute may be the place for you.

Having trained thousands of students with our accredited courses, we know how to provide training that supports our students needs.

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