How Our Clinic Is Adapting To The New Demands

In our clinic our team of chiropractors and osteopaths has been back treating patients since June and whilst it has been interesting getting used to the PPE and hygiene requirements it has now almost become second nature.  This will probably be the way we practice at least for the next year.

However, with the ‘new normal’ there are certain patterns we have noticed with patients presenting to the clinic over the last 3 months.



#1 Things are busier! We are struggling to meet the demand of new patients and have another chiropractor joining the team.

Is this because more people are working from home and coming to our clinic near where they live rather than attended a clinic near to their place of work which they may have done before?


#2 People working from home seem to be suffering from more low back pain, neck pain, headaches and stress

Many patients working from home have said that they are often spending their time on back to back to meetings or working longer hours then when they travelled to work. They have noticed they don’t move as much as they are not getting up to walk up to the next floor to attend a meeting, talk to a colleague or walk down to the coffee shop – and they feel this is contributing to their issues.  They don’t have the right ergonomic set up at home and are working on the kitchen table or in their living room.  Whilst working a few hours in a poor position won’t cause too many problems, sitting with poor posture repetitively every day is going to contribute to more problems.


#3 Appointments during the day are in higher demand rather than the previous evening or Saturday rush

Many people working from home want to attend for treatment during the day around their breaks or in between meetings, rather than in the evenings or Saturdays.


#4 More people are coming in with pains and injuries after suddenly starting a new physical activity

With working from home all day many people have suddenly taken up new physical outdoor activities with increased enthusiasm! Whilst the intention is right people often do too much too quickly and end up causing an injury or pain.


It is unlikely that people will be back travelling into offices to work five days a week and so these trends are here to stay. The successful clinics will be the ones that can adapt to the new demands.