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advice for massage course in Londonn Practitioners often don’t build their business as quickly as they should because they are not giving patients a program of care. Leaving it to patients to decide when to come in next for treatment most of the time does not help the patient and does not help the practitioner. Not offering a program of care often comes from a lack of confidence on behalf of the practitioner.

The results of a the outcomes of a dosing trial of therapeutic massage for chronic neck pain provides evidence that you, as a practitioner, can use to support the benefits of continuing program of care.

The trial referred to was designed to evaluate the optimal dose of massage for individuals with chronic pain. You can download the report here.

In summary, 228 individuals with chronic nonspecific neck pain were recruited and put into 5 random groups. Each group received various doses of massage.

”Five-Week Outcomes From a Dosing Trial of Therapeutic Massage for Chronic Neck Pain”The researchers set up standardized assessment criteria to monitor the results of the different massage dosages on the groups.

In conclusion, the trial found that after 4 weeks of treatment, 60-minute massages per week were more effective than fewer or shorter sessions for individuals with chronic neck pain. Practitioners recommending massage should ensure that patients receive a likely effective dose of treatment.

Download the report for full details of the methods used, results and conclusions of the trial