Got Questions About Our Massage Courses In London?

Massage courses in london Choosing a massage course in London that’s right for you is an important decision. There’s a lot to consider. You may well have questions that are holding you back from moving forward with your decision to study massage.

At Richdales Institute we take answering your questions very seriously. We want to ensure that you have the right information to make the decision that’s right for you. After all it.s an important decision that will impact your success in the future. We have worked to include as much information as possible on our website about our massage courses in London.

Here is a link to find out more about our massage courses in London.

However, the very best way to get all your questions answered is to speak with our Courses Director personally. He can help you work out whether the course you are pursuing is right for you and if the course will help you to achieve your personal goals.

In the meantime, our Course Director has put together answers to the three questions he gets asked most frequently.

Three FAQs About Our Massage Courses In London

1# Will this qualification allow me to work professionally and get a job here in the UK as well as other parts of the world?

Yes! You can practice professionally here in the UK and other parts of the world. You can work in a variety of environments from clinics, like chiropractic, osteopathy or physiotherapy clinics to hotels, spas, cruise ships, etc. You can work on your own or work from home, and it’s also a qualification recognised by the National Health sector. So, for example, if you want to work in GP practices.


#2 Will the massage qualification enable me to get a job that gives me a career path?

Yes! Four out of five people get low back pain at some point in their lives. Two out of three people get neck pain at some point in their lives. And then there’s stress which we all know is only increasing with today’s lifestyle. If you just get good at dealing with back problems or neck problems, then this is an industry that’s only ever going to increase in demand. People will be seeking out your services. You’ll be so busy, your list will be full.


#3 I have a job. Is it easy to complete the qualification at the same time?

It’s not easy but it’s not difficult. The course is structured for people working full time so they can complete their qualification in the best way possible. We’ve been running courses for over 30 years. At the end of every course, we always ask our students for feedback about the duration of their course, amongst other things. Most students will say it’s about right. Some will say they wish it was longer but no one will say they wish the course was shorter.

That’s why we run the course for the duration that we do. It’s unrealistic to say this course structure will work perfectly for everyone but our students tell us that it works best for most people.

We do not offer a “fast-track” approach to training where you, as a student, are just being taught over a one or two-week period then left on your own for 4-5 months while you complete your case studies and your assignments and revise for exams to complete your qualification. During this time, you need to get your questions answered and receive feedback on your techniques to prevent you from picking up bad habits. Our experienced tutors will help you build your knowledge and skill set. That’s why we meet you regularly over the duration of your course.


Student Success At Our Leading Massage School in London

Over the past 30+ years, and as a leading provider of ITEC massage courses, our students’ results speak for themselves. Over 80% of our students have scored “Credit” or “Distinction” in the rigorous ITEC exams. This compares to the overall ITEC average of 58%. We are confident that we provide our students with the very best course structures and training to achieve their goals.

If you have any questions that are holding you back from putting your future in your hands call us today on 020 8900 9005 and arrange to speak with our Courses Director – Dr Rishi Loatey.

You can also read and listen to some of our students’ personal experiences of their journey at Richdales and onwards here.