Our Facebook Competition Winners Are …

We are pleased to announce the winners of our September and November Facebook Competitions.

They are Louise Durnad, Larli Geary and Lynne Maughan.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to enter. We really appreciate all your feedback.

The feedback from our students is well worth a read so please take a few minutes to grab a cuppa and have a read.


Student Feedback: September

R eflexology, A therapy with flow.
E nergy exchange from Head to Toe
F oot maps and Meridians, oh what a Treat
L et me show you, Just take a Seat
E ach minute a joy, not just theory but practise
eXcellent tutor with such knowledge and expertise
O pen discussions, laughter and learning
L essons for Life, leaving the want for more burning
O h what a weekend, I can’t wait for the next
G uidance and support, never a worry or stress.
Y ikes, until my friends come for free treatments and I need to change address!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself last weekend. I left both days on a high. I felt very informed, supported and stimulated by both the content and the experience of each day. Thank you. I look forward to the next weekend. Louise Bambi Durnad


For years I have been feeling that I wanted to integrate massage into my herbal practice. I finally made the decision a few months ago, and am so happy I picked the Richdale’s institute. In only one weekend, I have felt so comfortable, empowered, inspired and enthusiastic by being a part of this course and massage journey. I have to definitely put this down to the beautifully patient and insightful teachers and my fellow students. I found it so freeing I decided to go back to my childhood Steiner school roots and draw about my experience! A very basic, mad rush but I hope it sums it up. Larli Geary (Lupta) x



Revising and reviewing the nuggets of information from this weekends classes. Absolutely loved my first hands on practical class on Saturday with Nannette , Sandra and John. Navigating those towel skills with my group was a real laugh.
Today’s anatomy class with David was insightful and informative. All of this weekends tutors answered every question with great enthusiasm with their well of knowledge. What a treat ! Heather Louise Morris


I really enjoyed the start of the course last weekend, both the Saturday practical session and the Sunday Anatomy and Physiology. However, the best part for me was learning and practising the different massage techniques. I also really enjoyed meeting new different people and hearing why they are doing the course. Really looking forward to the rest of the course and developing further! Luca Yaiza Devaris


The most enjoyable part of starting my ITEC massage course was….all of it! Absolutely loved learning the massage techniques, with Nanette, Sandra and John, I also had the added bonus of getting my leg massaged twice by my fellow students (heaven ?).

Sunday with David and staring to learn anatomy and physiology was fantastic! Haven’t been able to put my notes and book down since! (? ?)

Counting down to the next weekend, when I get to do it all again ? Kelly Lara


Wow, we had our first weekend at Richdales institute….very impressed! No messing around. By midday on Saturday we were already into action – under close supervision and guidance we were massaging each other’s legs. Fantastic. The teachers are just superb !!!! No doubts that it will be lots of work this year but I expect lots of fun and laughter too. Thank you everyone!!!! Inna Young

Finding an Aromatherapy course for me was a long and tedious process during which I often felt lost in the maze of options available. I was unconfident in my own abilities to complete such a high-demanding subject, until I found the Richdale Institute and I am definitely not let down by the choice I have made.

The atmosphere in the lectures is enthusiastic, engaging and a pleasure to learn in. The tutors are very organised, experienced and have professional theoretical as well as practical knowledge that they are keen to share. Their patience and thoroughness of the material is commendable, and I have been filled with confidence which motivates me to study and achieve my goals, which I trust the Richdale Institute will help me reach. Iza Cloke


Before I started my ITEC course on Saturday I was extremely nervous ? but I have to say after this weekend I definitely have made the right decision.
The tutors made me feel at ease and gave me the encouragement I can do this.
I loved Saturdays practical class which was a good laugh.
God help me with the a&p ? but I’m ready for the challenge.
I can’t wait for the next weekend…..plus having a massage every lesson can’t be too bad.  Buba Sahota Jheeta


Hello,good afternoon I have enjoyed my first two courses and It was very interesting . The most enjoyable was the back of the legs massage. I was the only one in the class I got my both legs massage from my teacher also my class students. I have enjoyed the all day. Elena Paunescu


Student Feedback: November

An organised room on arrival on the first day of the course, with friendly approachable staff to greet us. But the most enjoyable feature was……..drum roll….. getting to practical skills on the VERY FIRST DAY! Looking forward to the next weekend. Thank you Richdales Institute! Lynne Maughan


Thank you for an interesting and inspiring first weekend of the reflexology diploma ! Peace and love Miranda

The best part of the weekend was the practical part – giving and receiving a reflexology treatment -whilst also learning learning about the feet. It is amazing what our feet reveal about us, not just on a physical level, but also on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level. Miranda Tolan


The most enjoyable thing about learning massage is to be gentle and take care of people. Mar Te


What a great group of people ! Fellow students and the tutors are so nice, and some great characters , patient and very happy for you to ask as many questions as you want ! Which is great coz I have alot lol ! I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did , I thoroughly enjoyed every moment . I love anatomy and physiology and I just know that is the environment I’m ment to be in ! I felt energised and excited when I left on Sunday, and I would definitely recommend Richdales institute to anyone wanting to furather there knowlage ! ?vicki Vicki Jackson


So, I am back at Richdales Institute to study Reflexology, after completing my Holistic Massage course a few years ago. Embarking on something new is always daunting, but I am enjoying it so far. The class is small, so able to get loads of attention from David… Definitely getting to grips with the “thumb walk” lol! Lindylou Cooke


I’ve just gone and opened a great big can of worms! Una Leavy