Our Facebook Competition Winner Is …

We are pleased to announce the winner of our February Facebook Competition is Mark Fenton.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to enter. We really appreciate all your feedback.

The feedback from our students is well worth a read so please take a few minutes to grab a cuppa and have a read.

Student Feedback: February

Having just completed my first weekend on the course.

It’s hard to just pick one thing that I enjoyed about the course on the weekend.

Narrowing it down from meeting new people with similar aspirations as me, being back in a learning environment again or stepping outside my comfort zone.

What I enjoyed the most was the tutors teaching us on the weekend. All of Nanette, Sandra and David were amazing. Each in their own individual ways…

Nanette, being so calm and so softly spoken. Easing us into the course and making sure it’s not too overwhelming. She’s been in the field for so many years and has so much experience, stories and knowledge to share that I can’t wait to get to know more and ask questions that will only help me on my journey.

Sandra, how she spoke to the class when she was leading the leg massages each of the students were doing. She repeated herself several hundred times and I loved how she did it in a tone that made she you knew who was in charge. As she is teaching us and ensuring that we do it in the correct way. She also has a wicked sense of humour the more you talk to her.

Lastly we go on to David, I was dreading Sunday a little with it all being theory based and being a long day. However, as soon as David started talking I was fully engaged to everything he was saying. You can tell he has a fountain of knowledge and is very happy to share it with everyone. David has a unique sense of humour as when he was talking about certain topics or his computer wasn’t working properly, the words that came out immediately afterwards seemed to make me chuckle a little for some reason, even if they had no intention to. This making a full day of learning a lot more enjoyable and easing me back into a learning environment. The thing that stood out about David was he has been in this field for many years now, yet he has never seemed to stop learning. Recommending courses to do that will only help us. His journey may have started many years ago but he is still on it and passionate about like I’m sure he was many years ago. That made a immediate impact on me.

This impact has rubbed off onto me already and I am very excited that my journey has only just begun, I can’t wait for it to take whatever path it leads me down. What I do know is that it will involve more learning that’s for sure, maybe one day I’ll be like Nanette, Sandra and David!!

I’m excited to start this chapter of my life! Mark Fenton


What I liked most about the first day was the clinical practice and the emphasis placed on correct towel techniques to protect client modesty. Anthony Heveril Russell


Very exciting first day. The people of the group very nice very helpful. I like the practice. The Reflexology it’s interesting science and was very well explained. Thank you for this weekend. Voichita Bodea


The most enjoyable thing this weekend was the feeling of my brain cells ? working hard ? after a long time (finished studies ? in June)! Studying new things made me feel like a bear ? who finally woke up after the looong period of sleeping ? (hungry for the Anatomy & Physiology and Massage techniques). Starting this course helps to feel unstoppable and ready to face more challenges?‍♀️??‍?. Evelina Bautronytė


Fantastic first weekend of reflexology, anatomy and physiology- I particularly enjoyed getting stuck into the hands on straight away and the even the lectures were interactive and fun! ?? Melissa Harris‎ 


A great first week for me! I really enjoyed the practical side to massage, and the techniques used. My brain hurt after the weekend trying to remember everything we learned, but it was a good pain ? I think we all learned so much in just one weekend. And I’m really looking forward to the next week! Everyone in the class is really nice and very friendly and fun to work with. When practising massage on each other, I think my class-mates I was was working with were a bit shocked when I told them I had some unexpected news for them… that I wasn’t wearing any underwear ?? lol. But looking on the bright side, (if there was one) it gave us a great opportunity to practice the correct “towel techniques” ?So, every cloud… Adam Lawrie


Hi there !?
I just wanna say that I am extremely happy because last weekend I finally started my ITEC massage diploma and sports massage diploma with Richdales Institute and the experience was great.
I met lovely people , my tutors were so calm and friendly and the course material is just perfect !!
couldn’t ask for more. I gladly can say that I am only one step away to fulfil my dream of becoming a sports massage therapist ☺️ Carlota Infante Caballero


Hi guys 🙂
I’m not too good in this but I really did enjoy our first weekend!! Great professors and friendly students!!
I was nicely surprised for the fact that we already started with practice and the thing I enjoyed the most is that not only we’ll learn how to do massages but we’ll also learn the proper way to do it, which is a proper RITUAL!
My favourites bits so far were the peculiarity of how to set the right atmosphere for our clients using our tools, such as oils, music and towels and especially I’ve learnt how important is the touch, the breathing and on never let go the contact between you and your client once the massage has started.
I feel focused and happy, can’t wait to learn more things and become a pro! Peace&Love Elena Ghenga DeGà


Dear my fellow classmates, administration & teaching staff at Richdales (Feb 2019 Class)

A massive thank you all for the very first glorious weekend together! I absolutely love the ‘diversity’ within our group. Every one walked though that non-stop buzzing door as a stranger and yet, soon after that ‘bingo-stripping’ session, we became real comfortable with each other, defeating dimensions, gender, age…you name it. We should be proud of ourselves for having further defeated all those theories about the human anatomical parts and their atomic contituents the next day, especially after the ‘hang over’ effect of the repeated back of legs massages.

Although only the first weekend just gone by, but, I can feel that our next 6 months journey together will be filled with good laughter, plenty of sweats and tears but surely it will include the sharing of knowledge and the gaining of that piece of Diploma so that we can endeavour whichever our chosen paths may be.

Another massive thank you to all staff for such a welcoming weekend, your professionalism and moreover your knowledge, wisdoms and the inspirations and the after class time!

Really looking forward to our next weekend everyone! Bich Ngoc Bich


Having just completed my first weekend of the Holistic Massage Diploma course, I can say it was everything I was hoping for and more. Although it was slightly overwhelming understanding what the next 7 months will entail, the tutors are so supportive and put us all at ease. The first Saturday was great – we hit the ground running and it was literally very hands on!

One of the key reasons to join the course was my passion for holistic therapies and my desire to learn again in a classroom environment. Having completed the first weekend of the course, I can honestly say one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects is how much I feel I have learnt already, in such a short space of time.

Being in my late twenties and having embarked on a career in Marketing, it is really pleasing to know it is never too late to learn something new!

Being on a course with other students sharing the same passion for holistic therapies is also really exciting and I look forward to spending the coming months learning together 🙂 Gemma Jeffrey


I started my ITEC diploma course on 23rd February and just ONE of the most enjoyable things about it was connecting with like minded people (students and tutors) and it confirmed for me that I am on the right path now to helping others with complementary therapies. I am looking forward to the journey ? Eileen Connelly 


The most enjoyable moment during my first weekend course for the ITEC diploma, was when I gave my first back leg massage. In that moment I realised that I was actually loving and enjoying what I was doing and that proved to me that I couldn’t have done a better choice than starting this new path.This realisation defeated all my fears about this new challenge leaving space to excitement and determination to learn, putting finally into practice my dream of helping people feeling relieved.
I am looking forward to continuing this exiting experience with you all ?☺️  Katia Petrillo‎ 


After weeks of anticipation, last weekend I finally begun my Holistic Massage ITEC diploma. All the tutors were present to welcome us on arrival and the room was filled with a wonderful mix of people of all ages and nationalities. Any nerves that had been lingering quickly dissipated as it became clear how well the course was organised, not to mention how professional, approachable and supportive the Richdale’s tutors appeared.

We begun with a course overview coloured by Dr Rishi’s lighthearted honesty, “its not easy, but its not difficult” he reassured us. By the end of the first afternoon we were all confident that we were in capable hands and shared a feeling of excitement that we had enrolled on a course that would open many doors for us.

Throughout the weekend the tutors gave many personal anecdotes and expert tips from their years of experience. They were also never too far away when you needed help and always more than happy to answer questions. Throughout the lessons, sentients of holistic practice were woven in, we spoke about the importance of maintaining contact with the client to establish trust, contraindications and how to spot signs of stress among many other eyeopening insights.

This brings me to my personal highlight. We learnt several different massage strokes which we practiced and received in pairs before learning the full leg sequence. The practical demonstrations were helpfully reinforced several times over with hands-on practice, partner observations and the best bit – receiving the treatment! I must confess that I enjoyed my leg massage so much I may have dropped off to sleep, taking advantage of a perfect moment for all the new information to sink in. What a great start to an exciting new journey, thank you Richdales! Lala Rose


Hi last weekend was a great experience. I new after signing up that it was going to be hard work. But after meeting tutors and group who are all enthusiastic it all looks very positive. The tutors are very helpful and have a very hands on approach. My massage group was very interesting as one guy decided to inform us they had no underpants on which made a very interesting towel experience so as not to show any embarrassing parts but we did it. Suzanne Parkinson‎ 


Hi guys, this is my competition entry ? Georgie Blackmore