Fabulous Feedback From Our November Students And The Winners Of Our Facebook Competition Are …

Giorgio Ritucci a massage student at Richdales

We thought we’d share a photo of Giorgio Ritucci one of the winners of our November Facebook Competition. Girogio won himself a massage couch.

Nadia Peruffo also won a CPD course.

If you haven’t read all the entries then they really are well worth a read.

We are always appreciative of the feedback we receive from our students and we’d like to thank all of you who posted your feedback onto our Facebook page after attending our most recent ITEC courses in November.

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Facebook competition are Giorgio Ritucci who has won the massage couch and Nadia Peruffo who has won a CPD course.

Student Feedback

I started my ITEC QCF Diploma in Sports Massage yesterday Saturday 18 of November, and after the first weekend I feel I can say I’m happy with the choice I made! Although today I realised how much information I need to memorise for Anatomy and Physiology! But it’s interesting to know more about our body and how it works, also our teacher Angelique makes the lesson really alive , which helps!!
I have to say I prefer the “hands on” part of the course ! And I think most of us students do !! The first day, after learning 3 massage movements ,I felt a sense of relief and joy when we started to practice on each other !! I guess relief because I was, and probably most of us were, ”scared” to be actually effective as a masseur ! But you are surrounded by really experienced and kind teachers who show you how to improve your movements. And joy to find out that the partner you gave the massage to enjoyed it and got some benefit from your practice ….that’s a great satisfaction!!! So I hope I’ll get better and better at it!!! Giorgio Ritucci


I was very exited about starting the ITEC QCF sports massage course and I have to say that the first week-end didn’t disappoint me at all. It actually exceeded my expectations! I would never think that at the first lesson we would have practiced some massage techniques! ?
The way these two days were structured was impressive: great organisation from the whole team of tutors who have shown of being professional, acknowledged and funny at the same time! I loved the first ice-breaker game to get to know each other. I also think it was a good idea creating different working groups in order to share our points of view and to make it a bit more fun.
I also thought that the second day would have been never-ending because of the theory, but I have to say that our teacher Angelique made the lesson very enjoyable and interesting! I found her teaching method great! Everything was explained in a way that made everything easy to remember and understand! And I also loved her sense of humour! ?
I’m very enthusiastic about this new journey and I can’t wait for the week-end number 2 to learn other new things! ? ? ? Nadia Peruffo


The most fun thing about the day was assembling the massage table and learning origami (folding) the towels for preparation for massage — feeling energized. Fiona Fairclough


After the first weekend I can truly say Richdales Institute is definitely a place that exceeds expectations. I believe foundation is a key element in anything I do and by learning from professional tutors who all have an extensive knowledge, passing it on with passion and enthusiasm, making the whole learning process a fun, interesting and enjoyable experience. I particularly like the fact that the first day already involves practical “hand`s on” activity and because everything is well organised you know from day 1 what to expect from the whole course. Highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of becoming a therapist or would like to take their knowledge to the next level. Thank you, and I very much look forward to my 2nd weekend. Norbert Nemes


What a weekend to ‘reflex’ back on ?
Homeostasis was precisely maintained by the wise teachers at the Richdales Institute as they balanced practical vs theory, relaxation vs attention, origins vs future, curiosity vs the clock, questions vs answers contentiously the red folder vs green textbook.
Personal highlight was being trusted by the teacher to practice what he preached on him on day 1!! And of course being rewarded with a significantly better treatment in return (only 25 years + more practicing to go until we will get there…) Thanks team – looking forward to the next. Lucy Jenner


Just completed the first weekend of the massage diploma and it did not disappoint! What welcoming, inspiring and encouraging teachers, very much look forward learning what they know. Getting to know everyone felt easy and comfortable, starting the practical on the first day allowed us to relax and enjoy the weekend together!
Massage reminds me to check in with the body, and notice and accept how I’m feeling today, cannot wait to get stuck in with the learning and expand my awareness. Roll on next weekend! Indiana Red 


Wow. The first weekend of the Holistic Massage course with the Richdales Institute was packed full of goodies that it’s hard to pick out a ‘single’ most enjoyable experience.

Though in being asked “what you found the most enjoyable” and “why” for me it was the passion of the teachers.

Yes, I had a fun first weekend. Absolutely did I learn so much that I’m full and bursting. Yes, I was completely pushed out of my comfort zone in terms of learning and expanding and wow, how amazing it was to actually learn techniques and give a first, albeit one leg, massage. And A&P didn’t phase me but opened my curiosity into understanding the deeper mechanics of our complex systems…oh and yup there is a lot of work!

But the passion of the teachers in both Massage and A&P was what made it most enjoyable. To be able to learn and be inspired by peers; to laugh with them; to receive guidance, advice and support from the teachers who clearly love what they do gives me a sense of hope, encouragement and faith that not only did I pick the right course but that I’m being expertly guided and tutored to become a qualified massage therapist from industry professionals. And for that, I’m extremely grateful and look forward to the next weekend. Love Katherine x Katherine Louise Jones‎ 


What I enjoyed most on the first weekend of my ITEC Massage Course was being able to say to my husband that I absolutely loved it  Alison Mo‎ 


Hi,i just had my first week course and i have enjoyed the fact that i got to know new people and learn new things ,the reason why i loved it is because is always open mind talk with new people and you grow every time you learn new things specially when you like it and when is going to give you tools to help people to fix hard situation …so thank you Bettina Tradori


Great for meeting new people and learning new things!! They really make you feel at home since you come in! The staff are friendly, approachable, they teach with such a passion and the support that’s available is superb. I really like the fact that each of us is assigned to a tutor, who gives the complete availability and is ready to respond to every request via email or via phone.
The structure of the course meets my timetable as a full time worker, it gives you enough time to prepare your studies and all the istructions to practise by your own.
It was great to start practising massage since the first day. It was the first time for me but i did not feel the pressure at all since I was sorrounded by really experienced teachers.
The enviroment has all the necessary and there is also an enjoyable atmosphere in the classroom. Looking forward to my second weekend!! Lorenzo Bartolini‎ 


Enjoyed my first weekend beginning the ITEC Holistic Massage qualification – difficult to pinpoint one single thing that I enjoyed the most, but I was very pleased to discover that I could actually learn the techniques needed, and really looking forward to the next few months. Michaela Barnes


I started the reflexology course on the 18th November.
What I liked about the weekend the most was the passion that all of the instructors/staff had for the subject.
The reason I liked that the most is because it made me feel that I was with like minded people and that this is the correct path for me … my only regret being that I didn’t do it years ago as I have been thinking of this for years. Lesley  Lesley Boyle


I have had a great weekend spent at the Richdale Institute with a friendly group of future massage therapists and enthusiastic and supportive tutors. It’s amazing that it is a diverse group of people , and everybody is able to bring some special unique skill into the class room. I came back home with new information and a great experience that expanded my mind , especially the anatomy class it is absolutely fascinating and inspires me to explore further. Looking forward to more . Mata Baku


Hello! How are you? I started today the Diploma on holistic massage (just to clarify I have two names: Maria Ignacia) I had a lovely weekend! I met really interesting people and I learnt a lot! thanks a Lot for sharing that passion! It was really inspiring..
so my one of my favourites moments of this weekend was when I was about to receive the massage, my classmate forgot to introduce himself as my therapist and all of the sudden he realised it and shouted: cazzo! (he was clearly Italian and the translation would be: damn it!) so he came closer to my ear and started introducing himself in Italian but then he realised that he had to switch to English… I started laughing when I was facing down. One of the tutors happened to be next to him, so he was basically telling him all the words that he has to say and he was repeating word after word… but he got to a point when he didn’t know the meaning of a word and he asked the tutor: What does it mean ‘tingle’? and I interrupted his speech… as a language teacher, it turned into a language lesson and I just couldn’t stop laughing! Then, I had the massage and it was AMAZING! The experience had a bit of everything: humour, languages, laugh, relaxation and peace. It was perfect xx Ignacia Guiñazú‎