Fabulous Feedback From Our New Students And The Winners Of Our Facebook Competition Are …

Our new term has got off to a great start with our weekend courses on the 23rd/24th of September and our weekday courses starting on the 26th. We are always appreciative of the feedback we receive from our students and we’d like to thank all of you who posted your feedback onto our Facebook page.

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Facebook competition are Maria Louise Whitbread who has won the massage couch and Helen Hopping who has won a CPD course.

Student Feedback

After four years of procrastinating I finally signed up for the Diploma in Aromatherapy, well….what was I waiting for?
Amazing first weekend! After arriving feeling VERY nervous, I met a bunch of really nice people and tutors.
Then straight in with how to setup your couch and leg massage, to be honest I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed but very excited about what I am learning and where it will take me…bring it on!!  Maria Louise Whitbread


I attended my first weekend for sports massage. The tutors exceeded my expectations and I was pleasantly surprised at how much we managed to cover in the weekend. Learning some basic massage techniques on the first day was encouraging and I am looking forward to my continued learning. The A&P was very interesting and I am sure that I will get there eventually 🙂 Lovely people on the course too, which is a bonus. Helen Hopping‎ 


Love my first day of reflexology;) friendly atmosphere,lovely people and small group…Started with practising first day ,very good experience and I did enjoy it, just want to learn more and more . Iveta Krišková


I have enrolled on the ITEC Level 3 QCF Diploma in Holistic Massage course and just started this weekend, I wasn’t sure what to expect but have to say it was absolutely fun and so much to learn and the tutors are all professional but really friendly and helpful of course and everyone in the group are lovely and we all seem to get on with eatch other and I loved the practical day we had and just a new challenge for me personally which I can not wait to achieve ?? — feeling excited. Shahineh Zandi


Great to be continued studies in complimentary therapy and to kick start my career change in an area that I am passionate about. It was lovely to meet other students on an exciting journey of learning a new skill in holistic body massage but also to learn about myself.
I most enjoyed the practical side of being hands on and feeling the magic of a therapeutic touch. With loads of challenging work ahead over the next year I know that it will worth all the effort to be in a position to pass on that simple magical touch to heal many potential clients on both a physical and emotional level.
The teachers are great and having the additional assistance in the class made it easier to monitor a large number of students on the first day.
Thank you for a great week end of teaching.
Sue Sue Spinks‎ 


Started my ITEC in Massage on Saturday. Absolutely loved learning the leg sequence – and now I’m off to the gym to practice those squats! Looking forward to the next session  Harrie Dobby


Day 1 of Reflexology under my belt! It was great to see the group was small and we were given individual attention. With Massage under my belt, this is the next step towards my Complimentary Therapist Qualification 🙂 🙂 David our tutor is a MINE of information. Looking forward to giving and receiving some great treatments. Sheila Carroll‎ 


What am amazing first day! Its hard to pick out one part that I enjoyed the most as our instructors just seemed to make everything flow together in a way that was fun, relevent, made sence, and left you hungry for more.
There is an old saying however “First impressions last” and from the moment I walked in to the classroom I was made to feel welcome by everyone. From the course Director Rishi all the way through to the cheerful and helpful admistrator Corina.
I found looking for a good course to be a very daunting experience but im glad to say I think I hit the jackpot here  Nicholas Barry‎ 


The thing I enjoyed the most out of our first weekend is that we were able to learn and practice a massage (leg) i thought that was a very good way of presenting the first session and it was also very enjoyable being able to practice and also see others doing the massage. The tutors were also very helpful throughout the whole session and would amend our mistakes and demonstrate the correct ways to conduct a massage. I also really enjoyed the theory lesson on Sunday the tutor made it enjoyable and fun when explaining everything she would go in depth and if someone wouldn’t understand she would repeat herself as many times needed so that everyone would understand. Jessica Pires‎ 


The Reflexology course was really interesting, lots of information and friendly atmosphere. Teachers provided us with lots of books and advice. Juan Carlos Alonso


The best thing about this weekend was also the scariest – having to massage and be massaged by strangers! But by the end of day one we weren’t strangers at all; and the great knowledge and camaraderie provided by the tutors made the day engaging and filled with learning! Here’s to sharing an exciting new chapter in our lives  Lena Lore‎ 


I started the Diplomas in Holistic Massage on Saturday at Richdales Institute. My first impressions of the day? YES! I made the right decision. I chose the right establishment to learn a new skill and meet likeminded people. From the start, the tutors were prepared for their new intakes. They were organised and made me feel welcomed and in good hands.
It was an excellent learning environment with knowledgeable, skilled and enthusiastic tutors who listened and answered the questions expertly. The pace was right. I couldn’t wait to “digest” all that was on offer ie the lectures, the contents of the information folder and the handouts. Oh, and the afternoon massage session. The whole day was enjoyable and they made the learning fun and interesting. I went away feeling this was my opportunity to succeed in achieving my goal in becoming an expert massage therapist and intend to do just that. Thank you Richdales for giving me an excellent start. ? Judith St Hilaire


It was my girlfriend idea to do this course and I was thinking that I would tag along to learn something new.
So this was our first weekend learning about the body in anatomy and physiology.
Our teacher had so much energy and full of life.
It was amazing to learn so much about the body and I am now looking forward to the next 5 months.
Thank you. Jonathan Bell


Started my Anatomy & Physiology Course yesterday, teacher is very enthusiastic made the course a lot more interesting. With the help of the skeleton, George, it gives us more hands on studying and better understanding on the materials, not just through the books. Also it makes me feel more confident that the course is running in the hospital and have a proper ITEC qualification. Teresa Cheuk


Saturday 23rd was fun mixed with MASSAGE practice with three teachers who made it worth the while Bayo Adesina‎ 


It was great start to the course. Teachers were amazing and looking forward to the next lesson.
Margaret Angell Margaret Angell‎ 


Started my Holistic Massage Course on Tuesday.
It was very nice surprise- small group, great teacher and very friendly atmosphere! To be honest, I most enjoyed the practical part of the day. Was fun, but the same time we learned a lot! I can’t wait to the next time! ?
Great and impressive start!
Thank you! Vanya Doneva‎ 


I should say it was an excellent day, what I found most enjoyable is massage demonstration, the practical, for a student like me that wasn’t interested at first and in overdose of hesitation just even before the course started was in great mood when day finished. To enjoy the day? that wasn’t expected! It was really fun and interesting. Just to see what it’s like is and how its done are not enough not until you put your hands on it on the practical. Cristina Buna