CPD Massage Courses In London To Support You As A Massage Therapist

Massage course LondonAt Richdales Institute in London, we offer a range of CPD massage courses. These courses aim to develop and enhance the skills of the participants. The CPD courses we choose to offer are also ones that help students to potentially expand and grow their businesses by being able to offer new services to their clients.

Massage therapy can take it’s toll on massage therapists. At Richdales, we believe it’s important for practicing therapists and bodyworkers to develop skills that will protect their bodies, especially their hands and joints, and in the long run extend their longevity as a massage therapist. if you are treating more than 10 clients per week you have approximately three years as a practitioner before you can start to notices aches, unless you learn techniques that will protect your hands and joints.

Here are five CPD massage courses we offer at Richdales that we believe benefit both massage therapists and their clients:


Thai Table Massage

In this course, the participant will learn safe and effective Thai massage techniques. The techniques learnt can be utilised as a stand alone treatment or provide additional techniques that can be added to the therapists existing massage routine or bodywork therapy.


Some of Our Student Feedback:

I learned new techniques. David and Yvette’s style of teaching is great. Best Institute in London.” John V

Enjoyable. I am impressed with the teachers. Definitely worth the money.” Sinder P

Very friendly, knowledgeable and excellent tutor. Easy to follow.” Jo F


Learn more about our CPD Thai Table Massage course.


Deep Tissue Massage

This is an extremely sought-after treatment by people looking for a massage therapist.

Deep Tissue massage aims to breakdown adhesion, reduce postural dysfunction and pain, by focussing on deeper myofascial restrictions. The techniques learnt during the CPD Deep Tissue massage course will enable the participant to better help their clients while putting less stress and strain on their own body.


Learn more about our CPD Deep Tissue Massage course.


Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Learning the techniques taught during the CPD Hot and Cold Stone massage course is a way that massage therapists and body workers can protect their hands and joints. These techniques do not compromise the quality of the massage offered to clients but instead enhance it. This is also a therapy that can be used to treat specific problems that a client may have.


Some of Our Student Feedback:

Lots of information and very friendly teachers and all my questions answered. I would come back as I value the experience of people teaching the course.” Glory L

Very good course. The teaching is excellent.” Maria S

I learned a lot from this course. It’s professional and has good materials.” Hanna C


Learn more about our CPD Hot and Cold Stone Massage course.


Hands Free Massage

As the name suggests, participants in this course learn to effectively use other parts of their body to safely massage clients. Participants will learn to use for example their forearms and elbows. Utilising these techniques, you will learn how to reduce the stresses and strains on your body when performing a massage. The course will also teach you how to work at a deeper muscular level and to be able to adjust pressure to your clients’ varying needs.

These Hand Free techniques can be easily incorporated into the therapist’s own massage routine while helping save their thumbs, hands and wrists.


 Some of Our Student Feedback:

This course is truly recommendable. Small class sizes and value for money.” Sara V

Thorough, practical and informative. I felt so confident in the tutor’s ability to deliver the subject.” Judith StH

Excellent teaching/teachers. Very supportive culture.” Chantelle C


Learn more about our CPD Hands Free Massage course.


Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, a woman’s body will undergo several changes. These changes will be physical, mental, and emotional. Massage can help alleviate many of the discomforts that can be experienced during pregnancy and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Pregnancy massage has become extremely popular over recent years.


Some of Our Student Feedback:

It was amazing. Very impressive and interactive session. Excellent teaching resources and supportive teachers.” Fiona F

Good quality and the teacher is great.” Kelly C

Relaxed and approachable teachers. I didn’t feel hesitant to ask for help.” Lynne M


Learn more about our CPD Pregnancy Massage course.


At Richdales, we offer a range of CPD courses for therapists and bodyworkers. You can learn more about the CPD courses here.