Are You Looking For A Sports Massage Course In London To Set You On A New Career Path?

Sports Massage Level 4The number of people taking up sports massage as a career has increased dramatically over the past decade. It’s easy to see why, as there are many benefits to working as a sports massage therapist. These benefits include flexible working hours, numerous employment opportunities, high levels of remuneration and satisfaction in helping others.

The quickest way to become a sports massage therapist is by enrolling in one of the many sports massage courses in London. This helps you gain the knowledge, practical experience, and accreditation you need to perform sports massage in a professional capacity.

In this post, our Courses Director explains why Richdales Institute is a leading sports massage school in London. He’ll also share a few success stories from previous graduates who are making the most of the training they received at Richdales.


Why Is Richdales A Leading Provider of Sports Massage Training in London?

Decades of experience

Richdales Institute has been providing training from its venues in West London for over 30 years. During this time, we have trained thousands of students and established a reputation as being one of the leading sports massage schools in London.


Hands-on training

Our sports massage courses place a strong emphasis on hands-on training. Students will be able to hone their craft under the supervision of experienced sports massage tutors. This approach helps students develop the practical skills and confidence necessary to provide sports massage in the real world.


Comprehensive syllabus

Richdales institute provides comprehensive sports massage training in London. Our curriculum includes all of the information and techniques necessary to become a professional sports massage therapist. This includes modules on:

  • Important health and safety protocols
  • Sports massage strategies for pre-event, during-event and post-event treatments
  • Corrective and preventative strategies
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • General principles of soft tissue dysfunction
  • Objective assessment and examination methods
  • Treatment program development
  • Techniques for treating sporting injuries and improving client recovery
  • Techniques for improving rapport with clients


Graduates receive an ITEC qualification

All Richdales Institute graduates receive a qualification approved by International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) upon successful completion of their training. ITEC is an English therapy examination body, registered with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). ITEC qualifications are recognised in dozens of countries, which makes it easier to find employment overseas.


Experienced Tutors

We have assembled a hand-picked team of tutors with years of experience in the sports massage sector. They are great communicators who are passionate about teaching and enjoy sharing their extensive knowledge with students.


World class training facilities

Our courses are taught from prestigious locations in the centre of London. Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to make lessons more productive including sophisticated audio/visual teaching aids.


Sports Massage Training Success Stories

Over the years, thousands of students have graduated from Richdales Institute’s courses in London. The majority of these graduates are still working in fields such as sports massage therapy, enjoying all of the opportunities that this career path has to offer. Here are three success stories from massage therapists who completed one of our sports massage courses in London.


Helen Hopping

In 2016, Helen Hopping was working in a financial services industry and desperately looking for a career change. According to Helen, the long hours were taking a toll on her health and she no longer felt she was making a positive difference in other people’s lives.

 After being made redundant, she spent weeks relaxing and thinking about her life goals. Helen realised she needed a career where she could help other people and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. After some consideration, she decided upon massage therapy.

She chose to study at Richdales institute, beginning her training in early 2017 and eventually obtaining an ITEC Level 3 and Level 4 in Sports Massage. Helen is currently working 3 days a week, seeing between 4 to 6 clients each day. According to Helen, her lifestyle is much more enjoyable thanks to her career change.

Find out more about Helen’s story here.


Sharon Stuart

Sharon Stuart had been considering a career change for several years. Her main goal was to escape the rat race and find a fulfilling career that was health-focussed and helped other people.

After undertaking a two day massage course, she realised that massage therapy could be a fantastic career path. Being a diligent person, Sharon researched several massage training providers in London. She eventually settled upon Richdales Institute, where she achieved  Distinctions in ITEC QCF Diploma in Massage, ITEC Sports Massage and ITEC Indian Head Massage.

Find our more about Sharon’s story here.


Sam Pursue

In the early 2010’s, Sam Pursue was living a hectic lifestyle, traveling around Europe and working as a musician. After his girlfriend became pregnant, he realised he needed a more stable profession to support his growing family.

 Around this time, Sam was really getting into fitness and realised that massage therapy might be a career worth pursuing. He researched several courses online before choosing Richdales Institute. He completed a holistic massage course before returning to do a sports massage course.

Find our more about Sam’s story here.


If you are interested in learning more about our sports massage courses in London, contact Richdales Institute on 020 8900 9005 or via