And The Winners Are …

We are always appreciative of the feedback we receive from our students and we’d like to thank all of you who posted your feedback onto our Facebook page after attending our most recent ITEC courses.

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Facebook competition are Sneha Patel who has won the massage couch and Lisa Macgregor who has won a CPD course.

Student Feedback

Hi! Last weekend I joined Holistic massage course and really enjoyed it. From the first break of the day everyone was talking with one another.
Most enjoyable was the first practical where teachers showed how to do massage WOW they made it look flawless and magical. I am very certain with their expertise and help I will learn quickly. I can’t believe how much I learned in A&P in a day! Definitely value for money. Sneha Patel


The thing that is most enjoyable is that although the classroom is a serious learning environment, both tutors make studying fun and make you feel at ease when you ask questions and they make you feel confident. Its not easy being a mature student but I am loving the course and learning so much. I would highly recommend Richdales Institute to everyone. Lisa Jane Macgregor


Hi. I just started a course on Massage and Aromatherapy and I’m loving it.
I have to say the most enjoyable part so far is the Tutors, I was really nervous about starting as have been out of work and fairly house bound ( due to a car crash and migraines) for 5 years. All of the tutors have made me feel welcome and useful. You can see that they are passionate about what they are teaching us. It makes for a wonderful learning space, it made it very easy to talk to them and my fellow students.
Never thought I would be that comfortable in a room full of strangers again. Sara-Louise Smith


What did I find most enjoyable?……..

Has to be how I was welcomed and made to feel at ease from the very first moment I walked in.

I was pleasantly surprised just how well the course is run.

Complicated work is broken down into an easy to grasp format and taught at a pace the whole class can keep up with.

Just when did learning become so much fun?!! 🙂 Thank you. Sharron Wood


Hi, I found most enjoyable the arguments about all the anatomy and in particolare how from the complicated subject of study became easy thanks by the teachers. Also other think we do it a lot practice. Omar Omar


Just started ITEC Sports Massage course at Richdales Institute, thoroughly enjoyed my first day; immediately set to task and massage complete stranger – I can do it! Sarah Wilson


First day it was perfect because i learned new things about massage and practice in the same time.
The second day it was….perfect because i learned about biology. I get enjoy because this course it was structured about everything. Vasilie Marius


I am currently doing the reflexology course, I was amazed at how much one‘s feet can provide so much information. Prior to joining I was expecting the course to be on the boring side, how wrong was I, David delivered an amazing lecture where it was exciting, intriguing and full of valuable information presented in a practical way that I cannot wait for my next lecture. Rakhee Luharia


My first weekend in Riichdales Institute (ITEC QCF Diploma Course in Holistic Massage) was full of information and knowledge. Tutors very professional and friendly personalities. Warm attitude to all students. I feel is right place to learn and conceive Masseur profession. Loreta Cepinskiene