5 reasons why you need to use aromatherapy this winter!

aromtherapy relaxAs a famous fictional King has been quoted as saying “winter is coming”. Well has and truly arrived. Since Christmas the temperature has plummeted. This causes us poor souls a few problems, de-icing the car, catching a cold and feeling a little miserable.

As a leading provider of aromatherapy courses in London we have a solution for you however, aromatherapy. It may not deice your car for you but it can certainly help you through winter. 

5 reasons to us aromatherapy this winter 

  1. It eases the winter blues – Some oils such as citrus oils are great for lifting your mood as they are energising oils. This is definitely useful for the cold, dark and gloomy winter months.
  2. It fights germs – One of the worst things about winter is how often you seem to get ill. Well good news as aromatherapy can be used to fight germs. Essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-microbial and antiseptic.
  3. It can soothe illness and pains – If you do end up losing your fight against germs and a nasty cold we can still help you there. Aromatherapy can be used to soothe your pains, illnesses and general aches.
  4. It can stimulate your mind – Essential oils can affect your body and your mind, certain oils can stimulate your mind and excite you, this can be useful for fighting the winter blues as it can motivate you during tough times.
  5. It smells nice – Ok so this is a bit of a soft reason but you can’t argue with it. Nice smells lift the mood.

As a leading provider of aromatherapy courses in London we can assure you there are plenty more reasons to use aromatherapy this winter. Why not get in touch with us or enrol on a course to find out more.

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