A Truly Inspirational Story … Life Is Too Short To Do Something You Don’t Love

ambreen a student at richdalesWe love listening to positive stories here at Richdales, and they don’t come much more uplifting than this one!

Former toy and game creator, Ambreen is living proof that anything is possible with a positive and determined attitude and we are sure her story will inspire each and every one of you reading this.

In February 2016, newly married Ambreen received the devastating news that every woman fears – she had breast cancer. At a time when she was hoping to start a family, Ambreen was about to face one of the most challenging years of her life. But little did she know that her diagnosis would lead her to such a rewarding, happy place.

After spending a year undergoing gruelling treatment and surgery, Ambreen began to really evaluate life and what she wanted to do. Recalling that poignant time in her life, Ambreen told us;

“Life is too short to do something that you don’t really love! After going through treatment, I had a different perspective. I was also so grateful to the NHS that I wanted to give something back to the world. Massage gives me the opportunity to give something back – I like making a connection with somebody; to know that after a massage, people feel so great and relaxed, whatever is going on in life.  I believe that part of my illness was stress related, so it is nice to know that I can help people to look after their bodies.”

So how did Ambreen make the journey from toy maker to massage therapist?

Ambreen explained to us that even though her career as a toy and games developer was fun and creative, over 17 years in the industry had brought a lot of repetition. She was also aware that her career was becoming more and more about making money and keeping retailers happy; and for Ambreen, that was something that didn’t sit quite right.

Having recently got married just before her cancer diagnosis, Ambreen’s plan was to take some time out of work to start a family and then reassess what she wanted to do. But receiving the news that she had breast cancer meant life had to take a different turn.  And it was actually a spa day wedding gift that sparked her initial interest in massage.

With a new outlook on life and a determination to do something really worthwhile, Ambreen decided to look into massage courses. “I’d seen a couple of one-day courses in Bath, which is where my family live,” she told us, “Before signing up to a big course, I wanted to make sure it was the right thing for me…. I fell in love with it in one day.”

But it was almost fate that brought Ambreen to study at Richdales, when a massage therapist she knew at the time actually recommended one of our tutors!

Recalling that life changing recommendation, Ambreen told us;

“Choosing where to study was like a minefield, with so many options. So when Richdales was recommended to me, it seemed like the universe was trying to tell me something. And I couldn’t believe it when I found out the institute was just down the road from me. People travel from all over the UK to study at Richdales and I could cycle there! It worked out well!”

In fact, it worked out so well that Ambreen was soon able to leave her stressful job as she was working towards something for the future. With her mind on the end goal, Ambreen worked immensely hard, using her lunch hours as study time and then handed in her notice as soon as she qualified (with a Distinction we might add!).

Today, life couldn’t be better for Ambreen. She is once again enjoying good health and is currently developing a list of loyal clients in a job that provides her with so much satisfaction and fulfilment. Explaining how life has changed in the last few years, Ambreen told us; “I am in control of my own life, I do what I want to do, and I am personally rewarded with doing a valuable and worthwhile job.  These days, I don’t answer to anybody; I do things because I want to do them.”

So what advice would Ambreen give to someone looking to study massage?

In her own words: “Get as many different case studies as possible; don’t just stick to family and friends. Everyone has different bodies and different needs, so you need to massage as many people as you can. And if you have the time, do voluntary work as this is a great way to gain experience. Take it seriously”.

We couldn’t agree more!

All of us here at Richdales would like to thank Ambreen for choosing to study with us and for sharing her incredible story! We have no doubt that Ambreen will continue to build a successful and long lasting career and wish her all the best for the future!

You can find out more about Ambreen on her website and Social Media accounts: