It All Started In Beauty School For This Complementary Therapy Teacher …

angelicIt’s that time of the month again where we get to hear a great success story!  This time, we’ve been chatting to Angelic Skoberla. Some of you may have met Angelic as she is one of our tutors.

What a journey she has had from starting out as a beauty therapy student to becoming a complementary therapy teacher!

Angelic’s story began 20 years ago in her home country of South Africa when she decided to study beauty therapy. Like other students on the course, Angelic took the traditional route of sitting exams and gaining her qualifications. Yet unlike others, she didn’t stop there! After qualifying in beauty therapy, Angelic went on to study Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Nutrition  and Indian head massage, studying for a new qualification every year.  But it was after getting home from working in  Dubai that her career took its most dramatic turn.

“I went to Dubai and worked in a spa there,” Angelic told us, “When I returned home, I didn’t know what to do with my experience. And then a friend suggested that I got into teaching. Being a sports massage therapist himself, he suggested that I approach a well known school and see how I got on.  I was offered a job as a teacher – part-time, two days a week; so I did that for a month and fell in love with it! I then got offered a full-time job teaching complementary therapies. The rest is history!”

With no prior experience of teaching, Angelic simply gave a new career a chance, and in her own words “fell into it from day one.”

Recalling the start of her teaching career, Angelic told us, “I overcame all of my fears; I opened my mouth and it flowed naturally.”

Taking the plunge into teaching was certainly the right decision for the former beauty therapy student. Angelic thrives on the diversity the role offers and enjoys learning from different students with different life experiences. Today, Angelic’s career has taken the perfect path, and it’s all thanks to studying beauty therapy all those years ago.

Speaking of her early studies, Angelic explained to us that she was very lucky to work with beauty therapists who were very passionate about the industry. Following positive experiences with facial treatments, Angelic wanted to make others feel as good as she did. Angelic discovered that she enjoyed massage and aromatherapy but it was reflexology in particular that ignited a spark in her.

Speaking of the benefits of the treatment, Angelic told us;

“I can treat everyone from babies to hyperactive children to people who have suffered abuse, to people who are traumatised. I can do more with reflexology than with massage; I find reflexology is much more inclusive of everybody. With good reflexology treatment you can achieve so much. It’s a whole body treatment, and in my experience, I find it one of the best ways to provide stress relief.  Also, because it’s clothed, you can treat a wider range of clients. For example, I can go into care homes and treat patients in hospital beds where massage can sometimes be a bit tricky.  I find reflexology is an all rounder.”

Angelic is certainly enjoying a rewarding career, but what advice would she give to anyone thinking of going down the same path?

Angelic’s top tip is to think outside the box! She told us that she always encourages students to think on their own two feet after they have achieved their diploma. She explained that it’s easy for knowledge to become stale, and so it’s a worth doing a CPD course every year to keep pace in the industry.  Angelic would encourage everyone to also visit trade shows, read as much as they can, attend workshops and make up their own signature treatment, creating a USP. And we couldn’t agree more – it’s all about learning the rules so you can learn when to break them!

Angelic’s story is a great example of how anyone can achieve their dreams and follow their passion having headed up various departments and colleges and taught in 3 different continents. We would like to thank Angelic for taking the time to chat to us and wish her all the very best for the future.