Post Lockdown Business Is Booming For Helen …

Helen Hopping massage course student at Richdales

The past few months have certainly been challenging for massage therapists and complementary therapists. However, with lockdown lifted many therapists are seeing a surge in demand for their services.

One such sports massage therapist is Helen Hopping. Our Courses Director, Dr Rishi Loatey, caught up with Helen two weeks after therapists could treat again and in that short period of time Helen had 16 new clients all through referrals.

Dr Rishi spoke with Helen about her journey to becoming a qualified sports massage therapist and how her life has changed since starting her training at Richdales in 2017.

Helen shares what drove her to change her career, why she chose Richdales and how her training has helped her set herself apart from other massage therapists. Helen also shares some advice to students for getting the most out of their studies and how her life has changed since fulfilling her goal of establishing her sports massage therapy business.


What drove Helen to change her career?

Helen had only ever had two jobs prior to training to become a sports massage therapist: the first was in a bank and the second was heading up a global sales team within financial services selling business information.

Over time, in her role in financial services, she found herself working long and longer hours which was impacting the quality of her life. The passion she had once felt for making a difference to people’s lives was also evaporating. Helen knew she wanted to make a change and when the opportunity of taking redundancy arose, she grasped it.

She took some time to considering what she really liked doing and how she would like to spend her time both in working and leisure.  She knew that one the most important things for her was to be able to help people by doing the best for them.

Helen enjoyed keeping fit and she would seek out sports massage therapists to help her. However, she had never really found a sports massage therapist that provided her with the level of service she wanted to receive. She also felt that many were treating the symptom rather than getting to the cause of the problem or focused on the financial side of things rather than their patients.

After a lot more research, Helen was very sure that her future lay in becoming a sports massage therapist. Her decision was reinforced as being a gym member herself she knew a lot of people who had similar injuries and conditions that she was experiencing and needed help.

Helen’s next step was to find a massage school and training that would be right for her.


Why did Helen Chose Richdales?

Helen undertook 2 solid days of research to find a training school that met her stringent requirements of being thorough, professional and ‘best in class’.

She chose Richdales because she believed that it fulfilled these requirements.

It was only after booking her course that her sister reminded her that she herself had studied reflexology at Richdales several years prior!


How has her training helped her set herself apart?

Helen has undertaken her ITEC Level 3 and Level 4 in Sports Massage at Richdales. She firmly believes that advancing her training with the Level 4 has enabled her to take the sports massage she offers to the next level where is better able to treat the cause of a client’s symptoms rather than treating just the symptoms.

She believes it is this level of training that sets her apart and allows her to provide the level of massage she herself was looking for when she sought massage therapy herself.


Helen’s advice to students for getting the most out of their studies

Helen believes it is important for a student to set a routine for training and studying. It is very easy to become distracted and put off your studies but Helen’s advice is to treat it like a job!

Helen believes it is also important to recognise that some aspects of studying will be more challenging and not to be too hard on yourself. Helen herself was concerned when starting her training as she had not studied for some years. However, with consistent time and effort she was able to absorb all the study materials.

Helen’s final piece of advice is regarding Case Studies. She found that doing 2 – 3 case study treatments, one after another really helped her get into the flow of treating clients and be able to compare the feeling of giving treatments to different people.


How has Helen’s life changed over the past 3 years?

Helen’s life has changed for the better. Her goal was to work for herself, working 3 days a week and seeing 4 – 6 clients a day. Whilst her success means she works more days and sees more patients every day, Helen is happy as she finds the work incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Even though she works more hours than she had planned she still has more time and flexibility to do and have the things she always wanted.

She has a dog, which is something she could not consider when she was working in her corporate role. She spends more time at home which she enjoys. In turn, being at home more and with more flexible working hours, has allowed her to become more active in her community, especially helping the elderly in her community.

Helen passionately believes her quality of life is vastly better with more time to do the things she wants.

If you would like to find out more about Helen you can visit her website at