How One Massage Triggered This Teacher To Retrain As A Massage Therapist

Najmun Islam has always had a keen interest in Complementary Medicine and has experienced the benefits of many different forms of treatment. However, it was one specific massage experience that resulted in her deciding to pursue a new career in the field.

Having spent 20 years as a fulltime teacher, Najmun, was determined to find the right environment for her to learn in. She found Richdales during her research and took up our offer to ‘Try Us Out’ and attend a class. She liked what she saw and enrolled on our ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage course.

Najmun shares her journey from making the decision to change career to how her life has changed since. With her experience of being a successful teacher it’s really interesting to hear Najmun’s views of the teachers at Richdales.

You can listen to Najmun’s chat with Dr Rishi Loatey our Courses’ Director below.

Najmun offers treatments in Wandsworth, London. You can contact her for an appointment on