How Natalja’s Therapy Business Has Given Her Freedom

When Natalja Sizova started her Holistic Massage training at Richdales in 2014 she hoped that being a full time therapist would bring her more freedom in terms of time and money.

4 years on and Natalja runs a small home-based therapy business in South London that has fulfilled all her hopes.

Prior to starting her Holistic Massage training at Richdales in 2014, Natalja Sizova was working in an art gallery. In her own words she says, “It was a boring job. It was very specific and related to that gallery with little chance of any career development, and the knowledge and experience I was gaining would be of no use anywhere else. I felt stuck in this place, going nowhere.”

Not only did she feel stuck but as the job didn’t pay sufficient money she had to work overtime to earn more, meaning she had to spend more and more time away from her young daughter.

Having always held a passion for alternative therapies she decided to research the possibility of training to become a massage therapist. She hoped that a new career would bring her more freedom in terms of time and money. Also, she believed it would give her the opportunity to meet amazing people every day and listen to their stories.

However, she had no knowledge about where to start pursuing her goal so she turned to the Internet to do her research.

Her search led her to Richdales. Being impressed with the good reviews she read and that the training venue was in a hospital, Natalja choose Richdales to begin her study at.

Having completed her Holistic Massage training, Natalja undertook further training to develop and expand her skills sets. She completed Reflexology and Sports Massage training both of which has enabled her to expand her client base with people who are specifically looking for a Reflexologist or a Sports Massage Therapist.

Whist she offers massage, reflexology and sports massage as standalone treatments, Natalja finds that she can combine these treatments to provide her clients with deeper more effective treatments.

Nalaja says of her life now, “I work full-time but I definitely have more time for my family now. I earn more now working less hours than I did in my previous job. I can go on holiday when I want and visit places I always dreamt about visiting.

I am very happy with how it is going.

I have the freedom in terms of time and money that I was looking for.”

Natalja shares her advice to others who may be looking to pursue a career as a therapist:

“Planning is very important. You need to plan how you will fit your study around your current job and family commitments.

Be 100% committed and never give up. You will have difficulties, you will have difficult situations, but your strong desire will push you through these.

Be patient and positive and success will follow.”

We’d like to thank Natalja for sharing her journey with us and wish her continued success with her business.