Katie and Denise Are Loving Their New Life In Sunny Tenerife Whilst Combining Work & Voluntary Service

Richdales graduates LondonTheir new found passion in the field of Complementary Therapy has enabled Katie and Denise to create an amazing new life for themselves in Tenerife.

Leaving behind successful careers in the Police Force and Social Services to set up a complementary therapy business in Tenerife was a big leap of faith but for these two inspirational characters it has been an amazing journey that continues to reward them in so many ways.

Katie and Denise share their journey and advice with others looking to pursue a rewarding career in the field of Complementary Therapy.

Listen to their inspirational and amazing interview with our Courses Director, Dr Rishi Loatey. It’s in two parts – so you’ll need to listen to Part 1 & Part 2.

Part 1


Part 2


A combination of events led Katie and Denise into the field of Complementary Therapy, an area that they had no knowledge of and in fact were somewhat sceptical about.

However, their journey really started when Katie undertook a Reiki course to help her health. After the course Katie felt the difference in herself in so many ways (physically, emotionally and psychologically) and soon friends were noticing the difference too. Denise, seeing the difference in Katie, decided that she wanted to feel the same way and decided to do the same course.

Completing the Reiki course and experiencing the profound effect that it had on them opened their minds to thinking about how complementary therapies could help other people and what other complementary therapies they could pursue.

Further research into this field led them to Richdales where they undertook their ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage and Reflexology training. As they studied more, their interest in complementary therapies grew and they started to consider the possibility of pursuing a career in this field.

The more they studied the more they knew that the right the thing for them to do was to make their lives in complementary therapy. Not only would this allow them to work in a field that they were passionate about but it also aligned to their strong commitment to be of service to others.


Once they made the decision that their way forward was to pursue careers in complementary therapy the next decision was where. In their own words they chose a place that’s “halfway to paradise”.

And so Katie and Denise ‘s amazing journey to establishing a complementary therapy business in Tenerife began.

It may not have all gone according to the business plan that they developed initially but Katie and Denise aren’t complaining as they are confident that they have made the right decision for themselves and are in exactly the right place, working and helping the people that they are meant to be with right now.

Katie and Denise value the depth of training and support that they have received from Richdales. They stress to others looking to study and pursue a career in complementary therapy to ensure that the courses they study are properly accredited and the qualifications awarded will be of value to them.

Katie and Denise continue to undertake regular training to expand their skills and to be able to provide additional services to their clients.

Their reputation has grown in their local community and across Tenerife and overseas which has been vital in growing their business. They firmly believe that the recognised qualifications that they hold set s them apart from other complementary therapy providers on the island.

We are very proud of their achievements to date and are sure that they will achieve many more incredible things in their lives.

If you haven’t yet listened to the interview with Katie and Denise then we encourage you to do so.

You can find our more about Katie and Denise on their website here