“I Chose Richdales Because I Wanted The Best!”

Tania levyWe’ve once again been catching up with some of our past students to see how life has changed since taking our courses.  And we couldn’t share a more inspirational story than that of Tania Levy, a full time charity administrator who recently passed both her ITEC Anatomy & Physiology and Massage Examinations with Distinctions!

Tania, 50, is living proof that anything is possible with a positive attitude and dedication. Her story also shows that sometimes, the path to new successes can begin even in the most unfortunate situations.

Tania’s interest in massage was initially sparked during a trip to Thailand. After the devastating loss of her husband, Tania visited the beautiful country in an attempt to help her through the grieving process.

Recalling that extremely difficult period in her life, Tania told us: “I went to a spa [in Thailand] and had lots of different healing therapies. It led me down the path to want to do massage myself.”

Following her travels, Tania discovered that a combination of massage therapies helped her to relax recharge and to improve her overall wellbeing.

“Whatever situation you’re going through that’s difficult,” said Tania, “you always need to try to look after yourself.”

But no-one could have guessed that the charity worker who hadn’t studied since she was 18 would be about to embark on a whole new career!

“Nobody was more surprised than me!” laughed Tania, when remembering her decision to study massage.

Like many of our students, Tania hadn’t been in a classroom or learning environment for a long time before joining Richdales. And just like many of our students, Tania felt somewhat anxious and apprehensive at first. But she fully embraced the challenge and, as she put it, “lived and breathed the course in its entirety”.

Inspirationally – and working to the belief that you can never have too much knowledge – Tania made her studies her total focus in every way. Tania told us that during her course, she was in a position to dedicate the majority of her spare time to studying the course material. She even admitted that she probably learnt far more than was necessary to pass her exams!

Tania’s hunger for knowledge has paid off and she now has a solid list of clients who rely on her outstanding ability to help them. Tania currently offers a range of healing therapies, including Reiki, Ayurvedic and holistic treatments, and blends her services to suit the needs of individual clients. She certainly knows her stuff!

Here at Richdales, we take great satisfaction in training students like Tania, but what prompted her to choose us over any other college?

“I chose Richdales because I wanted the best!” Tania told us. “I wanted to make sure I was going to do the course in a professional, reputable establishment.”

Tania explained to us that she liked the professionalism of Richdales being situated in a hospital, and that she knew she would choose to study with us after the very first conversation she had with our Courses Director.

Today, Tania dedicates her working life to her massage business and her charity administration role.  She has also recently become a grandmother for the 4th time, but admits that she’s still keen to take more of our courses in the future!

Tania told us; “It’s very satisfying to know someone comes to you [for help] – whether they have a particular area that they want to address or they just want to relax. It’s very satisfying to feel like you can help somebody; it makes you feel very good. I love doing [massage therapy] because of that!”

Life is looking positive for our star student whose long-term plan is to run her massage business on a fulltime basis. For now, however, her massage schedule fits perfectly with the way her life is structured.

So now that Tania is a world away from the apprehensive new student she once was,  what advice would  she give to anyone else thinking about starting a massage course?

“Choosing the right college and where you’re going to study is very important!” Tania told us. “I would advise somebody to just keep at it. If you’re dedicated and you persevere, you’ll reach your goals!”

Speaking about returning to studying at the age of fifty, Tania has never been shy to admit that it was a scary prospect at first. Telling us how she felt when starting her course, Tania simply said, “It was a big deal!”

But Tania’s journey shows that success can be realistically achieved when you want it enough. Experience isn’t necessary to study at Richdales; enthusiasm and a hunger to reach your goals is all you need.

Our current and past students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some, like Tania, undertake our courses because they want to be able to offer professional treatments. Others just want to be able to treat friends and family. But one thing’s for sure, whatever our students’ goals and aspirations, they come to us because they want the very best training available.

We’d like to thank Tania for choosing Richdales and for sharing her success story. We have no doubt that her commitment and enthusiasm will inspire others to reach for their goals, whatever they may be.

You can find more information about Tania and the wide range of services she offers at www.thatmassage.com

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