How A Change Of Career Has Changed Stefania’s Life Completely

Recently Dr Loatey, our Courses Director at Richdales, caught up with Stefania de Cara, a past student. Stefania started her first massage course at Richdales in April 2015 and in her own words the course has changed her life completely.

Stefania was working full time in the music industry and was responsible at the time for organising concerts for Andrea Bocelli which she describes as being the pinnacle of her career. The work was extremely stressful, working long hours often at  her computer all day. Her work contributed to injuries she suffered including problems with her back.

However, there was a silver lining to her injuries as they led her to research and become passionate about complementary therapies which in turn led her to research massage courses. Stefania found the Richdales website and decided that Richdales offered the right training environment for her.

Four years on, and with many changes in her life since then, Stefania has the flexibility to take care of her family and have a satisfying career helping other people and doing what she loves.

Stefania shares:

  • what made her choose Richdales for her training
  • how she juggled her busy and stressful full time job with her studying and all of this whilst pregnant!
  • her invaluable advice to students who are training
  • the marketing she does to attract new clients to her practice.

Listen To The Call Now:



You can find out more about Stefania on her website here.