Caroline Chose Richdales As It Offered Her The Perfect Course Structure

Having worked in an amazing and dynamic job as a PA to a magazine entrepreneur for 17 years, when her boss died unexpectedly, Caroline knew she didn’t want to find herself in a boring office job.

When she decided to pursue a new career as a massage therapist she wanted to find a course that suited her style of learning, allowing her  to learn as she went along and be able to absorb the information she was learning.

When she came across the Richdales website she knew the course structure was perfect for her (and it just happened that the location was convenient too!)

Caroline found Richdales, as do many of our students, by doing a search in Google for ‘massage training courses London’. She found that many massage training schools offered ‘fast track’ style courses. Caroline knew from her own point of view that this structure of course didn’t suit her style of learning.

Caroline says, “I wanted time to absorb the information I was learning and didn’t want to go in and do a total immersion because I knew from my own point of view it would be the worse thing for me. Two weeks later I would have forgotten half of it!”

When she came across Richdales she realised that the massage course structure offered suited her. The course ran on a monthly basis and gave her time to absorb the information and digest case studies. As she wasn’t at the time working full time and also, it just so happened that our training venue in Hammersmith was convenient for Caroline, she decided to enroll on the ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage.

Caroline is very glad she chose a course that was structured in the way that the courses at Richdales are. She believes that this structure allows students time to absorb the information and as importantly allows them time to get they’re case studies done and gain the essential experience of massaging people.

She says, “I know a couple of people who have done fast track courses. I was a guinea pig for one – and it (the massage) was awful – he hadn’t had enough experience.”

Caroline decided that she wanted to specialise in the area of Sports Massage. Caroline herself has always been involved in sports and runs regularly herself and it seemed like a natural fit. She continued her training at Richdales with an ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage (Level 3) and an ITEC Certificate in Sports Massage Level 4.

Caroline believes that the Sports Massage courses have given her a better understanding of the way that the whole body is linked up and not just one area.

She says, “In the Holistic Massage course you learn about the basics and general muscles. Sports massage takes the knowledge to a deeper level of understanding especially Level4.”

Caroline is now building a successful Sports Massage business and is attracting many runners including ultra marathon runners. With her knowledge and personal experience she is ideally placed to help them.

Offering this advice to students studying massage and sports massage, Caroline recommends:

  • Stick to doing small and regular study – don’t leave it to the end. Start studying from the beginning of the course.
  • Keep on top of case studies – get one done as early as possible. Get them done and written up they take longer than you think.
  • Have confidence in your ability based on what you have been taught.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your tutors for help.

When Caroline was first considering a change in career her first priority was to find a career that enabled her to be in control of her own life. Being able to decide when she wanted to work and where she worked were important to her. Her choice of career as a sports massage therapist has given her all of this along with offering her huge variety in her work and also being able to meet lots of different people.

You can listen to Caroline speak with our Courses Director, Rishi Loatey, where Caroline shares more about choosing her course and also how she is better able to help runners as a sports massage therapist.



You can find out more about Caroline’s business here.