3 CPD courses that got Nanette’s business off the ground …

Nanette WrayYou probably recognise Nanette Wray if you’ve trained at Richdales, as she is one of our highly experienced tutors.

Nanette has established several corporate and holistic healthcare practices in Central and West London, as well as her own thriving private practice.

She shares with us how 3 specific CPD courses helped get her business off the ground.

Having completed her ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage at Richdales, Nanette knew she wanted to study Aromatherapy. However, with 2 small children and still working more or less full time as a self-employed Graphic Designer she didn’t feel that taking the course would fit into her lifestyle at the time.

Instead Nanette took a very conscious decision that helped her to get her business off the ground as soon as possible.

“When I did the November Massage course and I finished  – the first thing I did, I thought I can’t do the Aromatherapy until next year  I will do the Indian Head CPD course and I did that for 2 reasons:

  1. It was a short course
  2. It was something you could do with your clients that didn’t involve taking off their clothes.

I could take it anywhere and it was portable.”

Nanette took the Indian Head Massage CPD course (this is before the ITEC Course in Indian Head Massage had been developed) immediately after she finished the Massage Diploma and as soon as she completed the Indian Head course she put together her leaflets and took them around all her local shops, like the local chemist, local opticians, local hairdressers.

Nanette says “They were all really pleased to take my leaflet. The hairdresser literally 5 minutes away from me, took my leaflet and said ‘Why don’t you come in and do a 10 minute Indian Head Massage on my clients while they’re waiting to have their hair done?’ And I did.

I was doing 10 – 16 head treatments a day – it was really good. But what was even better was that I gave my leaflets to all the customers and they would phone me up and say ‘Can we come around and have a full body massage at your clinic?’

And because it was a community, word of mouth suddenly got out – so suddenly for me in Ealing – the people that I met at the hairdresser were telling all their friends about me. So I was getting lots of business – local people wanting me to go to their houses and the hairdresser didn’t mind because it was her community.

That’s what really kicked started my business.

A lot of those people from the hairdresser’s were mums, I got into the school, I went to my own children’s school – I did Pamper evenings for mums, I did the school fêtes offering  10 minute Indian Head massages.”

Nanette followed her Indian Head training with a Pregnancy and Baby Massage CPD course, which was a 2 day CPD course when Nanette was studying – it has now been separated into 2 CPD courses run 2 to 4 weeks apart, one being Pregnancy Massage and the other Baby Massage.

“Having the Pregnancy course and the Baby course separately you can target your two market sectors separately. I found you can’t do Pregnancy massage and hope that it leads on to Baby massage. It’s quite interesting, so I do all my advertising separately.” Nanette says.

Nanette recommends Crèches, Nurseries, the school Fêtes as being great places to target Mums.

She went on to study Aromatherapy and found that many of the mums were coming back wanting pregnancy products, baby products, creams for their baby’s cradle cap etc.

Nanette has really created a self-generating business and says “If I’d done the Aromatherapy first I couldn’t have fitted it in with my particular lifestyle, I wouldn’t have the Pregnancy & Baby Mums for selling the products onto.”

Nanette acknowledges that these 3 CPD courses enabled her to get her business up and running and has enabled her to grow her practice over the years. Specifically, the Indian Head Massage offers a way for someone to experience first hand the benefits of massage and you as a practitioner. The Pregnancy Massage and Baby Massage allow for targeted marketing and advertising and generate “life-long” clients.

Finally Nanette offers this advice to students “Believe in yourself. You’ve got these skills, don’t be frightened. Find something you are passionate about, don’t go off and just do the first thing that comes into your head. Target something that you believe you can do.”