Thai Table Massage

Course Goals:

To learn safe and effective Thai Massage techniques involving Yoga Movements, Shiatsu Movements, Mobility Movements, Acupressure and Foot Reflexology Techniques that can be utilised as a stand alone treatment or provide additional techniques to your existing Massage routine or Bodywork therapies.

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Course Description:

Traditional Thai Massage is usually carried out on the floor with the client fully clothed, and without the use of carrier oils. Thai Table Massage is an adaptation of this treatment that can be carried out on a normal portable massage table.

Thai Table Massage can be incorporated into a massage routine and is beneficial for practitioners who may not work on the floor and for clients who may have difficulties getting down to, or up from, the floor.

In the Northern regions of Thailand the emphasis in Traditional Thai Massage is on stretching.  By contrast in the Southern regions of Thailand the emphasis in Traditional Thai Massage is on acupressure.  Thai Table Massage will incorporate both of these styles.

The benefits of Thai Table Massage for your clients include helping to

  • Free blockages in the Body Energy Flow
  • Stimulate the nervous system
  • Relieves pain and muscle tension
  • Strengthen and rejuvenate the body
  • Improve circulation of blood and lymph
  • Increases flexibility
  • Enhance elimination of wastes and toxins from physical, mental and emotional strain
  • Relieve headaches/migraines
  • Relieve back pain and sciatica.

On Completion:

This Course certifies for 7 hours of group learning.

Upon completion of this Course I will be able to?

  • Perform a full Thai Table Massage safely and effectively
  • Understand the function of Sen Lines and acupressure points and their role in Thai Massage and general Health.
  • Locate and effectively work acupressure points and Sen Lines and adapt yoga, shiatsu and mobility movements to help with specific disorders
  • Integrate Thai Table Massage techniques into other Body Work Therapies.

Who the course is for:

You must be a qualified Massage therapist, Aromatherapist or Manual therapist (Level 3 or above) to attend this Course.

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Upcoming Thai Table Massage Dates, Venues and Fees:

Course dates (all "in-person"):

All dates below are "in person" sessions in the classroom

  1. Saturday 22 June 2024

Course Number:

CPD TTM 22 06 2024

Course Venue:

Viglen House

Tube: Hanger Lane, Alperton

Satnav: HA0 1HD (Free Parking)

Course Timing:

Classes start at 9:30am and finish by 5.00pm.

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All fees include VAT at the current rate of 20%

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David’s background is Biomedical Science and the Teaching Profession. He was an Examiner for A-level Biology and used to teach Biological Sciences upto undergraduate degree level. David then discovered Complementary Medicine and initially combined teaching Biological Sciences along with treating patients. However, his interest in the Complementary Medicine grew such that he gave up teaching […]

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Course Dates, Venues, Fees