Reflexology and Pregnancy

Course Goals:

During this course you will learn safe and effective reflexology techniques allowing you to work confidently when treating a pregnant woman.  You will gain a deeper understanding of pregnancy, holistic pre-natal care and how to safely adapt you reflexology techniques.

You will be taught specific reflexology techniques, as well as, contra-indications and precautions for each trimester.   You will also learn beneficial reflex areas to aid specific common problems during pregnancy.

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Course Description:

Pregnancy can be an exciting time in any women’s life ! While a woman is pregnant her body undergoes numerous changes physically, mentally and emotionally.  The earliest symptoms of being pregnant can appear in the first few weeks after conception and continue throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy

Reflexology can be used to help achieve and support a viable pregnancy.  By adopting different approaches, at the different stages of pregnancy, Reflexology can help with problems commonly associated with pregnancy right.

From ovulation right upto labour and beyond into the post natal period Reflexology can be a wonderful answer to some of the unique challenges of pregnancy!

On Completion:

Upon completion of this Course I will be able to?

Position a pregnant woman safely and comfortably to receive a reflexology treatment

Understand the different stages of pregnancy and how they affect the body physically, mentally and emotionally

Identify common complaints that women may complain of during pregnancy

Identify reflex areas that may be suitable for reflexology treatment.

Adapt positioning and reflexology techniques throughout the pregnancy to suit your client’s needs

Who the course is for:

You must be a qualified Reflexologist (Level 3) to attend this Course.

 This is mainly a practical course and there will be a maximum of only 10 students on the Course

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