Native American Back Massage

Course Goals:

Native American medicine refers to the combined practices of over 500 individual tribes. Although specific practices varied amongst individual tribes all Native American medicine is based on the understanding that health is a matter of balance.

Native Americans have used heat and massage with herbs to treat many problems. Tribes such as the Cherokee used massage to treat their warriors before and after expeditions, as well as, using massage to help with labour pains and colic in children.

Native American Back Massage can be easily integrated into an existing massage routine or performed as a treatment in it’s own right.

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Course Description:

This course will teach Native American massage techniques which encourage the body to release stagnant energy and toxins with the help of herbal infused oils. You will learn properties and benefits of common herbs and learn how to make your own herbal infused oil.

You will learn a full sequence of Native American Back and Shoulder Massage and a simple hands-on healing technique to encourage mental relaxation.

Course Structure:

This is mainly a practical course and there will be a maximum of only 10 students on the Course.

On Completion:

This Course certifies for 7 hours of group learning.


Understand the historical background of massage in Native American culture.

Understand the properties and benefits of different herbs.

Prepare you own herbal infused oil.

Choose specific herbal infused oils and adapt Native American Massage techniques according to your client.

Perform a full Native American Back and Shoulder Massage either as part of your existing style of massage or as a treatment on it’s own.

Course Prerequisites:

You must be a qualified Massage therapist, Aromatherapist or Manual therapist (Level 3 or above) to attend this Course.

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Micha Christmann ITEC MGCP

Micha Christmann has acquired a profound interest in all aspects of Complementary Medicine over a number of years. She has travelled extensively experiencing many techniques both at home and abroad. She is passionate about Massage and Aromatherapy and is experienced in a wide variety of massage technique therapies such as Holistic massage, Advanced Aromatherapy, Remedial [...]

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