Advanced Reflexology Techniques

Course Goals:

Although there will be a brief review of anatomy and physiology this Course is of a highly practical nature the majority of the day will be spent on identifying reflexes and looking at a variety of techniques for effectively locating and working reflexes of the nervous system (particularly the location of the spinal column and spinal nerves) and all the endocrine glands.

Deeper working techniques will be explored in addition to more gentle, balancing ones providing the practitioner with effective treatment tools that can be applied to a variety of different clients.

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Course Description:

This Course is of a highly practical nature and will focus on some of the key systems which bring about homeostasis in reflexology practice – the central nervous system and the endocrine system.  By working reflexes in these systems more efficiently and effectively we can assist our clients’ recover from effects of stress, tension and ill health more quickly.  In addition utilising a variety techniques will also help to avoid excessive wear and tear of the Practitioner’s thumb joint

On Completion:

Upon completion of this Course I will be able to ?

1.  Have a good understanding of the location of the reflexes of the nervous system on the foot (including the regions of the spine and 31 pairs of spinal nerves)

2.  Have a good understanding of the location of the reflexes for the endocrine glands

3.  Effectively utilise deeper working techniques to the above systems

4.  Effectively utilise gentle balancing techniques

5.  Integrate a variety of techniques into reflexology practice for various clients

Who the course is for:

You must be a qualified Reflexologist (Level 3) to attend this Course.

 This is mainly a practical course and there will be a maximum of only 10 students on the Course

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